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Feb 6, 2011

nama saya Nurul Afifah Bt Addnan


the actual post of this was absurd. i was young and of course stupid. i think i'll be saying the same thing 10 years from now. 

there are few posts from my younger self that is very embrassing but i still keep it since well i don't want to remove part of me that is still "living".

i love to read back my blog and see how i used to be and wonder if i'm still the same. 

Tiomans' sky

anyhoo, the problem with this post particularly because if i googled my name, this post will be showed first. it gives wrong impression.

my name is Nurul Afifah bt Addnan, afifah means courtesy, i value courteous peoples very much. my name suite me and i love it.

who am i?

well currently i'm having the most unproductive life. i blamed my hormone imbalance or maybe my menstrual cramp. if you read my latest post you could see that i have this emptiness after finished a good stories. 

i love the colour blue. i just realize this actually.

i also just realize everyone have insecurities and it steals our life if we didn't get a hold on it.

i also just made this decision to venture into industrial pharmacy world instead of clinical one.

and again maybe because of my hormonal imbalance, i feel damn bored.

"dear me from 10 years come. i love you."

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