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May 9, 2011

10 tahun nanti...


i'm back with the 30 days Challenge (check my page)..and today the challenge is...to tell ouls about my life will be in ten years as i want...

i am a simple girl..i would want that in ten years I have my own family, a husband and at least a child complete with a house filled with everything a person would need and of course a mini cooper.! i would also love that in ten years will come i have become a wonderful and well known pediatrician and of course BLOGGER.!

I also want that by that time i can give my parent a break from world stress and simply give them the chance to travel and to do ibadah..but.. i am pretty sure my dad palm oil plantation income will be very much enough for them to live the life to the fullest..he is simply awesome..

"simpanlah duit hang..duit walid ni pon cukup dah...esok walid nak pegi mancing dekat terengganu..hang nak ikot?"


i am lucky to have a parent like mine now..walid always tell me that we need to be grateful and never for a second thinks that what i have right now is totally mine..maybe the money you get today is actually for an orphan tomorrow.."rezeki kita semua kat tangan Allah..sentiasa bersyukur dan percayakanNya"..he also say that i need to be independent and to be my own boss..I would surely open a clinic when i turns thirties..

and then mak always say that there is no need to keep so much money in the bank...just keep as much as you will be needing for the future..don't afraid to spend your money to enjoy life and most importantly..to study.! prepare yourself for akhirat..then she also say...use what you have.."campak je...tak payah fikir banyak sgt..apa yg ada guna..sedap jugak nanti" hihi...

so..that is my life will become in ten years..i hope so very much..amin~

hey..tell me what you will be in ten years will come.!

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