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May 2, 2011

fifth day challenge : 10 wishes

my 10 wishes are ;

1. to gain more self esteem
2. to stop thinking too much. Just do it.
3. to finally settle down to a purpose in my life
4. to stop having crush on wrong people
5. to always remember Allah and always be thankful to Allah
6. to be more independent and show other more of ME *be brave*
7. to start doing things with my most sincerity / liking
8. to stop thinking others are better than me and start thinking i can be better than them
9. to show the whole world about my ability
10. to  stop caring too DAMN much about small stuff

this is a game called "10 thing game".. it started on 28th April..as i just started today..so i start with the day 5 challenge , which is what i just typed, "10 wishes".. i'll be writing (this game) in English and only Allah know why..


how come all my wishes seems so pasive.?
okfine..my English awful..face it..

tomorrow :  10 items you can’t live without

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