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May 5, 2011

3rd challenge : 10 things I hate

10 things I hate

  1. fakers and hipocrite
  2. people who didnt gratitude and love to complaint
  3. nasi lemak and roti canai
  4. annoying acts
  5. person who insults others or beliefs
  6. when someone didnt trust my capability
  7. people who is relying too much to others
  8. when i can not do things i love
  9. people who never think about other feeling.. like this guy..
  10. when i got sick

my mom just went to Puchong because her and my aunt got a trip to Pulau Redang..i miss her already.!! and i need to cook today...hey loban.! what is my dad love you so much? i dont know what to cook...curry? my mom has all the ingredient..i think i stick with curry then..

hey..my mom just text me.!! she say that i should be making "sup cina"..the recipe is simple..yes...no curry today.!

btw..the handsome Ustaz who i co-teach with at ABIM turns out to be MARRIED..yes.! i hate that too..


what are your preparation on Mothers Day?

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  1. hey.. that guy?? ingt un i...hihi... btw gtw yg ape yg u ta suke...so after ni tak nk wat ape yg ko ta suke.. :)



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