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May 8, 2011

7th challenge : 10 important people


ok guys.! lets the game begin yaww.!!

>why am i so exciting?<

7th challenge : 10 important people

  1. Rasulullah.. he is my role model and my guide..you see..when i puzzled about something or what ever..i always think how will Rasulullah acted back..like if someone say mean stuff to me..i will keep cool and be patient..because that is what Rasulullah do..but sometimes..i simply snap off.. =='
  2. My family..my family is everything to me..there are my whole wide world..i can live forever with them no matter how things turn out..
  3. My friends... my awesome most wonderful friend..haha...i can hang out with them like forever.! not only because they are fun to be with..they also always remind me about what is the important thing in my life.
  4. My teachers.. oh i miss them so much..! they are so cool and superb teacher..they always keep me motivated and keep being honest to me..that really teaches me that we can actually change..change for the good i mean..
  5. my exboyfie..ermmm..no comment..

i can only list up to 5 but if i list it person by person..it will be a lot huh.?fun game rite? wanna join? simply click HERE for more detail..

so..how Mothers Day to ouls? my mom still not coming home..she will only be home on Tuesday...erghh...this is frustrating..i tried to call her just now..but she is currently on a ferry..its kinda loud there..do share to me how you spend this Mothers Day.! i would love to hear your story.!!

to all mom out there..Happy Mothers Day..your awesome.!

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