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May 14, 2011

8th challenge : 10 of my favourite song


most of my favourite song is in english..deal with it.! haha.. i will just list out what song crossed at my mind as i kinda have a lot of favourite songs..

1. Price tag by maddi jane..the song seems cuter when she sang it..

2. Cooler than me by Mike Posner..this song is so awesomely cool.!

3. Jar of heart by Christina Perri.. i sang this song over and over and over again..

4. The Catalyst by Linkin Park...i have those wow moment when hear this song for the first time..LINKIN PARK rules.!

5. Sing it for japan by MCR..its been a long time for me to love another MCR song.. =.=' its for japan ouls.!

6. Note to God by Charice..she is awesome..her vocal..her voice..her everything is awesome.!!

7. The Wablers (Glee) version of Teenage Dream..say what if there are gay? they sang it PERFECT..

8. Rocketeer by Far East Movement.. i love the flow of this song..

9. Tonight by Big Bang..i love Big Bang DAMN much.!

10. Love by CN Blue.. a cute twist of the 80's with the modern time..

i am not in the mood to share song that is JIWANG..i'll keep that to myself.. :)

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