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May 14, 2011

Reviewing : Ly Tulip's, Shai Mars and Azri Fathurrahman


so i'm back with my reviewing..i'm sorry as these days i only post things like i joined a segment or reviewing blog..it is just that i am leaving soon for matric so i would love to finish my review A.S.A.P  and the segmen i've joined simply to make my blog alive during my days at matric..it at least i can do...so ashamed to leave my blog just like that as i have put such an effort into it..i try a different method in my review today..hope it will catch your attention on these blogger..

First blog : Ly_Tulip's

best entry : 

  1. Game Zaman Dolu : i love this entry as she is telling about her experience playing a lot of  traditional game or known as Malaysian kids game like galah panjang and maen getah..it makes me remember during my childhood as her experience is almost like mine..sorry ok! we dont know what is Barbie doll that time..haha
  2. Budaya Sindir Menyindir : i love this entry as it simply what i love to do when someone pissed me off.. LOL

Second blog : The Mars Family

best entry :

  1. Manusia yg mempunya kepala otak di lutut : ok..aku tak suka betul tgok gambar-gambar kat entry ni..SCARY LAH WEYH..menyesal klik.. =.='
  2. Merompak dgn telor or teloq :  the best technique ever.! i love french toast btw. ~_~

Third blog : Azri Fathurrahman

best entry :

  1. Si Gigi Bongsu : i never know that when a tooth is growing..it could be painful..i never experience it actually..how sad or should i be gratitude?
  2. Tragedi melibatkan bas mayang sari. : this is those klise moment..when Allah pays you directly for being PATIENT..

ok..i am not review the blog..but i review two of their entry that caught my eye..it is better this way as you know what to expect from the blogger..if i simply say they are awesome and so on..kinda sound unrealistic..by giving a comment or two about their entry..then you can imagine what i am talking about..and what kind of blogger they are...furthermore..this kind of reviewing method...will be more simpler for those who have a bad internet connection day ( is this right? )

big huh? =.='

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  1. tengsss afifah :D .. anyway , good luck kat matric .. matric best dan enjoy je tak yah tension2 hehe .. :D

  2. wah..x sangka ko sika entri aku yang "game zaman dolu" tu.. Hehehe... Btw, thanks ea... :)



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