first day challenge : 10 things about you


Sherah from comment at my 10 wishes .. it is actually a game, 10 things is very exciting and i decided to join i started with the fifth day challenge..sherah kindly comment and say she does not mind if i did not make an entry according each day challenge...

it does not really a challenge..but i love to refer this game as a challenge..because a game is basiccally a challlenge..

get it?

first day : 10 things about you

  1. i am very sensitive. i can cry for a thousand reason and half of it may just be NONSENSE
  2. i am ambition-less (if that even a word..hehe) i cant make up to an ambition as everything i like maybe give me no jobs. i hate ECONOMY.
  3. i am not very good with guys. i am more comfortable and prefer to be along with girl. 
  4. na'ah.. i am so not a lessy.!
  5. i am in love with Rasulullah SAW (do SELAWAT readers) and always be fall in love with him all over again every single time i hear/read his awesome sirah.
  6. i am a daydreamer and passionate to live my dream
  7. i am that person who love to be the the centre of something but yet i  always remind myself to think about others
  8. i am still clueless about what i am actually want to do with my blog
  9. i am never to do any entry to appreciate my follower.. i dont know why is not that i did not care about them..i always try my best to be their reader.. :)
  10. i am a simple kinda KAMPUNG girl who wish one day we can go everywhere by just wearing tracksuit, tshirt and tudung bawal without anyone judging.

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