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May 18, 2011

Not a contest..


a segmen from my friend Aezus :

1. state the meaning of your name and how you describe it.

- i bet everyone know what NURUL means..for those who dont know..its mean CAHAYA while AFIFAH   means BERBUDI BAHASA..i love my name..everything about my name describe me best..the way it was pronounce..the usage of letter F or fa kinda shows that i am not that girlish but not so boyish..just nice..i respect others who respect ni..i am really strict about BUDI BAHASA..

i do care when you are right or you are wrong..
but i  do care MORE when you are polite or you are not..

people with no manners is JAHIL..

2. state (at least) one hadith which is meaningful to you. tell me why?

-this is hard..haha.. i dont remember the whole hadith..but i do remember the idea of it..i always love hadith that state how much Allah and Rasulullah love us..it give me a sense of appreciated and hope..it also make me love ISLAM so much.. i also love hadith that state how a person like wali, solehah, ahli sufi, the taqwa's and others that the same..were promised to such a great blessing and wealth at heaven..and the hadith that describe the heaven is also my liking to.

3. blogger is a medium for. . .(continue the sentence as long as you want)

-blogger is a medium for sharing info and thought..but i really don't think that it is a medium for gossip... let MELODI do that..

tagging..naim..ily..khairi and husna..

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  1. sowy,i'll try to call you afifah from now on...it's just hard since i'm used to pipah...i'll just try then...



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