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May 3, 2011

Sixth day challenge : 10 items i cant live without


yes...i'll be writing in English again and still only Allah know why..

today challenge is a tough one..10 items i cant live without...can i simply give all those basic need in life life shelter, oxygen, food and so on? 


come on Afifah.! give your very best..here we go.!

Sixth day challenge : 10 things I cant live without.

  1. my family..they are everything to me..
  2. my purse.. it give me a sense of security to be going out to anywhere as my ID, my license and my money are all in there.
  3. my handphone..my MYIMAN..my pink MYIMAN..yes..i dont own any BB or all those fancy handphone.. i only have a SIMPLE PINK MYIMAN..it is my alquran, my reading material and my mp3..
  4. my tudung/shawl..if i dont have those..i can not go out..and to be staying at home EVERY single time is lethal.. 
  5. my favourite snack and drink..it is a lot actually..i love KINDER BUENO and KICKAPOO the most..if i feel like wanna pampered myself..i'll get  my hand on those for sure..
  6. my long cardigan.. i love my cardign so much as i can just slip on it and whalla i am ready..
  7. my mom and dad PC..haha..and of course complete with the P1 Wimax.it is bothering me so much if i can not see my blog  at least once a day..btw..who cares to tell me what is wireless connection and what is wifi?
  8. my friends..hanging out with them is the best way to clear my mind and be relax..they always there for me through thick or thin..
  9. my purpose in life...i dont have any ambition right now..but one thing for sure..i am very EXCITED to continue studying..i do know that it must be something SCIENCE related..
  10. I GIVE UP

if you all notice..i change the challenge to 10 THING i cant live without instead of 10 ITEMS i cant live without..i do that as what i cant live without is not an ITEM...it is more abstarct..THING is better way to decribe them..

i cant list up all 10..am i not normal by any chance?

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