roll : muslim on IC only

Sep 12, 2011

there is this sentence i read from a novel which means (because i don't really remember the real sentence) that one day we will be ashamed to confess that we are Muslims and the western will be running to study Islam because they know that secrets that lies behind it, like why Muslims do that and this, worths a lot! And yet, many Muslims (of course most Malaysian) and ashamed to admit that there are Muslims.

like the sayings (i don't remember who say it)  that one day there will be a lot of Muslims, million of it. But they will be like bubles on the sea. A lot but simply burst. Like their "iman".... it actually us now.

 Rasululullah S.A.W once pray for Allah that Muslims will always unite together. But Allah don't approve it. Why?

roll : i am sick..homesick..

Sep 5, 2011

if my friend are reading this..give me a shoulder to cry-lah...

miss my home,my room,my bed,my siblings,my dad and especially my mom...i've been away from KMS for two weeks and it feels like the very first time i came back here yesterday..VERY HOMESICK...

On last Saturday night, TV2 have Quantum Of Solace. Love the Aston Martins like damn much. Then i remembered that I want to bring the tikar that my mom have to KMS but i couldn't found it. My mom then asked me to bring the other tikar, the mengkuang one, it's too big. Hearing me say so, she asked me to bring the carpet and i complaint that it's too small. I notice my mom not feeling very good about it. Its too late to buy one also. I simply say "takpela mak" and eat those cornflakes madu that i make. It is very sweet but at that time i dont taste the sweetness. I went to my room and cried.

I know that at that time, I am very sad. I am leaving everything and everyone I love. And only Allah knows when will i got the chance to go home. I don't want to trouble my dad simply because a stupid homesickness. Though it is a very serious homesickness. I don't even found my will to study.




roll : selamat hari raya

Sep 3, 2011

the holiday is never forever....

its been a hectic raya..very hectic one as my auntie passed away on last Friday night.(dont condolence as it can only be done only on the day the person dies). we have been travel from kedah to perak like it is just a minute away.

how lucky she is to passed away on friday night..althought it is the fourth day of raya..i dont cry at all as i am not very close to her..but my tears drop seeing her child started to cry..

i dont study at all during the holiday..