Roll On : Random Pharmacy Students @ UKMKL Pictures (Part 2)

Nov 26, 2014

Part 2! Join my little adventure won't you ? :D

  • Dah pernah pergi Tasik Titiwangsa? Tasik ni sangat cantik tapi adalah part-part yg tak berapa nak cantik tapi secara keseluruhannya tasik ni sangat gojes! Gambar ni morning view punya gambar thats why macam gegelap sikit

  •  Kedai ni dekat dengan Plaza Rah. Pak cik ni sangat baik! Dia memang target nak tolong jadi dia buat la pakej murah ni. Makanan dia pon sedap!

  • Gambaq ni epik! kami masa ni tak dapat scholar lagi tapi baucar buku dah dapat. kat unikeb boleh pulak beli apa-apa pon guna baucar tu. so kawan aku dua orang yg terlebih kreatif ni pon beli barang bilik. Pakai mask sebab masa ni KL jerebu terok.

Journalism workshop dari pharmaline. farmasi ukm ada majalah sendiri uolls. kami dok belajaq guna photoshop dari webmaster fakulti kami. dan gambar ini adalah pirate-pirate bersatu fakulti farmasi. if you know what i mean~

Check out gambaq random PART 1 juga taw~
next time upload gambar gi kem anjuran kelab srikandi di sini. wait ah~

Roll On : Volunteers Needed @ Big Bad Wolf !

Nov 16, 2014

Hello peeps! Happy sunday!

Just a simple sharing. they need volunteers for this upcoming Big Bad Wolf (BBW). For your information, BBW is a big book fair which only cover english books only. The sale are crazy! But it will take ages for you to go through their books.The place setting is simply a very big hall. Not like KLIBF where at PWTC it will be quite confusing with all the halls and the floor. BBW don't have separate publishers opening booth there. All kind of books is thrashed there with all sort of published. It is sort of easy since you don't have to compare the price and all.

It's really a good experience but i'm not sure if i can make it. Thought of having my high school mates joining this with. It will be fun than just strolling around malls.

click here

Roll On : Giddy me

Nov 12, 2014

i love Need For Speed. I first don't want to even watch it because i thought it is something like Fast and Furious. I hate Fast and Furious. It turns out to be much better movie and Aaron Paul with Imogen Poots was such a lovely couple. I also adore Imogen Poots acting. She is great!

Just watched again the movie and i google to see if they do any photoshoot together. they did! but for a movie named A Long Way Down. I might download thi movie simply because i love to see them together~

Paul have married~


Roll On : Handling Program @ UKM KL 101

This is based on personal experience.

Being a UKM student you HAVE to join extra curricular activities. They count the time you use as it's another course you have to take. The newest system actually does make it a new course named Citra. It's more regulated now so that the students are doing the job with a specific lecturers supervising them. Sort of.

Anyway, it will get exciting. You get to learn stuff and believe me that you would want to join lots of it. But you need to choose wisely and responsibly. Not to mention the extra curricular activites will also have their own merits which will decide which "kolej kediaman" you will be staying the next year. 

To ensure a spot in the dorm and to achieve the credit hour. Yes. You have to join these activities.

I got all excited during my first year and that really takes a toll on me. During my second year, some unexpected stuff happens and i ended much busy than my first year. Now, i don't join a thing. Haha. I would just be staying at Plaza Rah next year then.

 I thought i should share some tips on handling programs in here. I learn quite a lot.

  1. Play as a team. That is the most important thing. Sometimes you might simply want to finish your job and be done with it. You're missing the fun there! The teamwork is what bonds you with other comittees and not to mention to make sure a smooth workflow. Don't drag other and you must be firm to not be drag by others. Be bold. You might as well mention it in FB group to ask everyone to commit to their work and cooperate with others. There ought to be some scumbag here and there. Act first before they burdened you.
  2. Read postmortem reports of last session. Most of the program here have been done before. After each program the comittees need to do a postmortem report where they would list out their "gerak kerja", some "kelebihan" adn kelemahan" along they way. Get it! Do not repeat the same mistakes. It's good if you can get in touch with the actual person also. They knew better to give you good advices.
  3. Don't get bullied. If you think it's not your job then tell them. Don't get quiet and end up suffering for it. It's one thing if you were playing ikhlas stuff but you know you're not ikhlas when you start to complain. Be confident if you know you are not supposed to face a situation. 
  4. Sacrifice. Saying point 1 and 3, sometimes you still have to sacrifice. It maybe because there are no person to do the work or simply it is taking too much time and you just want to end it. But make sure it is not too much. 
  5. Document everything. The newer system have become quite fancy as they need even more detail in the report you need to do as you finish a program. Make sure you jot down every work you do every time you spent. One important thing is to do "minit mesyuarat" for those small meetings you do involving your own bureau. Pictures also much important. Confirmed first with your lecturer how they would want these "pembuktian" to be done. You could save a lot of hassle by this.
  6. Make everything official ASAP. These programs have to be registered with UKM first. UKM would have all the detail of all the programs handle by their students. These process can be quite long and tiring. As these is all settled at UKM Bangi, you would be dealing with a Unit Kebajikan staff who come to UKM KL twice a week. Make sure you have these staff numbers and the exact day they would come to KL so you can plan ahead. After getting the pink letters of Surat Kelulusan Aktiviti, quickly apply for Surat Permohonan Derma and Surat Pengecualian Cukai. All the details can be found here : 
  7. Make a proper work list out. Especially if you are the director make sure your comittees know what they have to do. List it out to make it clear. It is easier to point out if anything happen. We are not finding someone to blame for but someone to fix the problem. With that come point 7.
  8. No one is guilty. A big problem may arised and there is this person that is just much guilty. Keep your anger and tendency to blame it all on them. Not everyone is perfect and of course how much sloppy a person can be they still don't really want to cause any mess right? Focus your energy to fix it. 
  9. Have a good communication net. Make a system or something. We use to have this system were one person will text the news to one person and then will pass to the next person until the last person would text it back to the first one. It spread the cost quite evenly to everyone and the text come directly into your handphone thus no "offline" problems there. Since you have to text it to the next person, you ought to NOTICE the news right? Problem solved Like a boss!
  10. Find the passion. You must have the passion to do your work so that you would actually will be having fun. These work would take times and it is not good if you didn't feel like doing it.
  11. Money. All program would have much money problems. Get as crazy as you want to brainstorm on how to gain more income. Don't simpy push the job to Unit Pemasaran. Sometimes a crazy idea might help others to get a more reasonable idea. Believe me, these happens!
  12. Network. You have the chances to know more peoples. Learn more about them and get their numbers. You never know when it wil become useful. With that being told, don't forget to become that best person to be friend with. 
  13. Be approachable. You might did not notice this but becoming approachable is the perks of lots of stuff. You know things fast and you know more! From who to call to get cheaper car rent to who to count on when you get yourself into a big mess.
  14. Be resourceful. No want love a needy. I hate to become a needy person. It also stall you. Become as creative and innovative as you can. Be confident! Don't say others are better or they might not be liking it. Try it first and then get all the say you need. Just do it first. 
  15. TIME. My last point. Whatever you do don't get yourself attached too long to it at one time. Prioritize is important. I MEAN IT.

i love to exposed myself to this program but as now i am all carefree and joyously living a peaceful life, i don't find myself eager to join any program. yup. FREEDOM IS ADDICTING.

Roll On : Random Pharmacy Students @ UKMKL Pictures (Part 1)

Nov 11, 2014

I love taking pictures and i usually take random pictures on my surrounding. I thought, for those who are interested to know how a student life might be, these pictures could tell you a lot. Especially if you are a pharmacy student in UKM KL of course.

At last these pictures are actually of a use. Well, sort of~

one thing about pharmacy, we are also sort of a chemist. Chemistry is so important here that we were actually asked to bring some plasticine and toothpick to during hybridisation lecture. Mind yourselves, a lecture! Not a workshop!

This is my window view when i was in my first year. Right in front of Dewan Serbaguna (DSG). The perks is you can actually timed when you need to go to the events held there. That is chocolate tart. Super delicious and only cost RM2.50. But it it quite tricky to get new stock so we didn't sell it anymore. Oh, i forget to mention that we sell this tart to fund Gema Amal Insan. That smiley paper clip was given by Badar during Minggu Pengenalan Persatuan. Now that i saw this, i think i have lost this clip~

It was quite early in the morning and these three cats were sort of lepak at the stairs. It was such a pleasant morning view. Actually it was quite weird because they rarely hang around the stairs. Somehow, they seems sleepy which is make it so adorable!

We thought we would want to buy outside for dinner that day so we head for a restaurant near Tasik Titiwangsa, with my scooter of course. It seems it would take forever for our order to cook so went to other side of the restaurant to have some ABC and teh tarik (below) while waiting. It was more fun to enjoy these little treats when you are surrounded by the beautiful landscape of Tasik Titiwangsa.

forgive my perasan pose. But i really thought i should share this. This is me hanging out with my sister, Nadia. We went for MidValley. It was my first trip there. Their food court were so great. I really suggest you all to go there!

We get this glow in the dark stick when attending a concert (at DSG). There is In-Team and Raqib Majid and our own Hafiz Zainal. Hafiz Zainal took dental course here~ The performances was great and we really enjoyed oursleves.Btw, it is actually a themed concert whereby we were asked to wear jubah and we did!

visiting Balai Seni Lukis Negara. I love looking at this kind of stuff and understand nothing on why is it so damn expensive. The entry was free so we were simply like jom la jalan-jalan dalam balai seni. funnily, very few of us do actually visit here. they claimed it to be boring. i think it is much fun though!

another art~

and that is it for this first part!

Roll On : Le KL's malls adventure.

It is nothing much to be proud of. The malls of course. But it was quite an experience as we actually walk from the first mall to the very last one in one day. To spend a day of impulsiveness such these was more fun when i am  with my best buddies Shela and Hirza. 

Lots of walk. Check
Survey all kind of SALE. Check.
Amazing views along the way. Check.
New experience especially about that walking path. Check.
Hirza also managed to have us try Sushi Zanmai so a little gourmet adventure there.Check PLUSSSS.

So, we simply gather here as we want to tour KL and of course the malls are the way to go.  Well. We started by walking toward Pavilion from Bukit Bintang Station.

Pavilion is weird. I don't understand why there is always construction held near it. But it always have the fanciest decoration especially during special events. Always have some big statue in front of it. The Pavilion building itself was quite nice. We rarely go there as they only have fancy shop with even fancier prices. I once go there for Sukiya. It was so delicious! Oh. They have Daiso here also. The next closest Daiso would be all the way to Midvalley if i'm not mistaken. 

After tiring walk we couldn't find any shop having a sale close to our budget so we end up hungry with no succesful shopping.  So we had lunch here. At Sushi Zanmai I have curry rice. It tastes not much like our usual curry of course but still a nice combination with the sticky sushi rice.

fulfilling meal

crazy crowds waiting outside

They have these floor dedicated for Japan themed shops. I love Japan and surely these floor is so much fun to see see look look. Got some fancy dishes you can eat on the go. I'm not sure why suddenly they have these kind of floor. Btw, in Times Square there is Taiwan themed shops. It is also quite fun. I love seeing others cultures although not really much with these but it is still something. I love to stalk stuff so this is much fun for me. :D

Then start our lil twist, Hirza told us that there is a pedestrian walk made from here all the way to KLCC. Of course we were excited to try it. It was quite a long walk but not like so long like dying kind of walk. It is more like "oh my i can walk to KLCC from Pavi" kind of walk. emmmm. You know what i mean.

We went for Suria KLCC and Aveneu K afterward. Hirza was keen on finding something to shop for but we didn't found any good sale. Quite sad because last time we went out we manage to get lots of crazy discount at Midvalley. Anyway, she still end up buying a tshirt for her first "anak sedara". After a day of adventure we say our goodbye as we were taking different train to go back to our university. Owh, i forget to mention that Hirza come all the way from UiTM Puncak Alam while Shela was from Universiti Malaya. It was so fun that we, the Manjung gangs, get to further our studies quite near to each other. Till our next adventure then!

Roll On : Tukar Ke U-Mobile Sekarang!

Nov 9, 2014

[DISCLAIMERS - this post is so long ago, it's mostly invalid. I even write strictly in English now. Anyway, some main points, if you want to keep your number but change to other networks, it is simpler to just go to their branch and ask them to do it. No, I'm pretty sure you can only change from prepaid to postpaid plans, never the other way around. and yes, U-mobile still have the best internet plan, the current Giler Unlimited deals, which is the only available deals, are so crazy good, but the downside is that it usually has bad coverage in rural areas]

Assalammualaikum dan Hi!

Baru-baru ni aku dah tukar kepada U Mobile tapi masih mengekalkan nombor lama Maxis aku dan suprisingly proses nak tukar ni sangat mudah dan cepat!

Aku malas pakai Maxis ni dah sebab pelan internet dia sangat rugi dan sebenarnya rate apa semua pon agak mahal. Bila pelan Youth Club aku dah tamat tu yang makin terasa tu. Dan kemudian kakak senior sorang ni cakap seeloknya jangan guna Maxis. Ada info mengatakan orang kuat Maxis ni banyak menyokong perkara-perkara kuffar dan oleh yang sedemikian aku taknak la jadi antara orang-orang yg menyokong. Hal ni mohon Google sendiri ye. Malas nak kupas lebih-lebih.

Kenapa U Mobile? Tak pulak aku pergi beli Celcom ke Altel ke yg solid bumiputera tu. Apa-apahal aku kena jadi pengguna yg bijak jugak. Dan sesungguhnya aku memang kena guna U Mobile ni sebab dia yg paling bersesuaian dengan cara guna handphone aku sekarang.

Dan sebenarnya memang SANGAT BERBALOI BERBALOI utk students pakai U Mobile!

Sekarang U Mobile tengah satu pelan Prepaid Port In. Ini lah yg aku buat. Port in ni merujuk kepada aku yang kekalkan nombor lama aku. Antara kelebihan dia :

  1. Seharusnya lah memudahkan sebab aku dapat maintain nombor lama.
  2. Registration laju gila : Masa beli simkad dia, dalam masa 10 minit macam tu abang tu tekan-tekan apa tah pastu dia bagi handphone aku bali pastu cakap dalam 10 minit macam tu dapat mesej kata dah berjaya. Selalu kan kena overnight kan. Aku pon jadi makin happylah sebab dapat port in terus pada hari yang sama.
  3. Internet free selama setahun : ada T&C nya. Setiap kali topup RM30 akan ada free 250mb data.
  4. 2 times kredit validity. Topup RM10 tahan 20 hari. Sangat la berguna kat aku sbb kredit aku mmg lambat habis. Dok guna wifi kolej berwhatsapp je. 
  5. Free calls to U Mobile numbers : ni ada terma-terma dia jugak tapi aku tak berapa peduli sangat sebab tak ramai pon kawan aku pakai U Mobile
  6.  Dapat 30% diskaun kat Zalora : ni baru je ada ni. Masa aku survey bulan lepas tak dak lagi.

Oh ye. Kenapa aku happy dapat port in pada hari yang sama? Maxis cam ngengada siit la sbb kalau nak port in kredit Maxis kita kena aktif. Haritu memang hari last sebenarnya. Memang terharu sangat lah kalau kena topup lain kan.

Semestinya bila dah bergelar U Mobile users ni boleh la guna plan UMI dia yang sangat lah berbaloi dan best dan seronok dan paling penting sekali JIMAT!


Ni satu benda yang buat aku tertarik sangat-sangat adalah free calls dan sms dia adalah to ALL NETWORKS! Baca tak footnote bawah tu? Tak habis guna boleh bawak ke bulan depan lagi bila kita beli balik pelan yg sama.

harga sms call semua.

Kalau banding dengan Maxis memang rate U Mobile lagi murahlah. 


What is 'Port-in'?

A process whereby customer can change from one mobile network to another while retaining their existing mobile number.

Ok. Sekarang jom cakap pasal port in. Yang aku cakap kelebihan kat atas tu cuma boleh dapat bila kita port in. Port in kena buat secara online. Bila nombor dah aktif pergi kat U Mobile utk daftar. Dia ambik dalam 2 hari untuk siap tukar masa aku buat haritu. Memang kena buat ONLINE SAHAJA. Aku pergi centre dia sbb malas nak buat sendiri kan, pastu dia cakap kalau buat situ tak dapat kelebihan aku cakap tadi. Jadinya memang seronok lah bazir duit naik monorel ke sana.

Kalau bukak website U Mobile akan ada orang tergantung gantung belah kanan tu (tengok gambar yang pasal rates). Klik situ kalau nak paham lebih lagi.

Kalau nak tukar kan. Bagitaw aku dulu sebab ada lagi promosi lain bila dapat ajak orang lain tukar. Hee~

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Segmen Blogwalking By IJ #1

Nov 7, 2014

Nak join lagi satu segmen! Semangat bersegmen tengah hujan-hujan nihh. Kali ni segmen blogwalking by IJ. Blog dia sangat gojess!!


 Tengah kejar masa ni. Tata!!

oh oh! jangan lupa join
Segmen Blogwalking bersama AfifahAddnan dan Amiez