Roll On : Handling Program @ UKM KL 101

Nov 12, 2014

This is based on personal experience.

Being a UKM student you HAVE to join extra curricular activities. They count the time you use as it's another course you have to take. The newest system actually does make it a new course named Citra. It's more regulated now so that the students are doing the job with a specific lecturers supervising them. Sort of.

Anyway, it will get exciting. You get to learn stuff and believe me that you would want to join lots of it. But you need to choose wisely and responsibly. Not to mention the extra curricular activites will also have their own merits which will decide which "kolej kediaman" you will be staying the next year. 

To ensure a spot in the dorm and to achieve the credit hour. Yes. You have to join these activities.

I got all excited during my first year and that really takes a toll on me. During my second year, some unexpected stuff happens and i ended much busy than my first year. Now, i don't join a thing. Haha. I would just be staying at Plaza Rah next year then.

 I thought i should share some tips on handling programs in here. I learn quite a lot.

  1. Play as a team. That is the most important thing. Sometimes you might simply want to finish your job and be done with it. You're missing the fun there! The teamwork is what bonds you with other comittees and not to mention to make sure a smooth workflow. Don't drag other and you must be firm to not be drag by others. Be bold. You might as well mention it in FB group to ask everyone to commit to their work and cooperate with others. There ought to be some scumbag here and there. Act first before they burdened you.
  2. Read postmortem reports of last session. Most of the program here have been done before. After each program the comittees need to do a postmortem report where they would list out their "gerak kerja", some "kelebihan" adn kelemahan" along they way. Get it! Do not repeat the same mistakes. It's good if you can get in touch with the actual person also. They knew better to give you good advices.
  3. Don't get bullied. If you think it's not your job then tell them. Don't get quiet and end up suffering for it. It's one thing if you were playing ikhlas stuff but you know you're not ikhlas when you start to complain. Be confident if you know you are not supposed to face a situation. 
  4. Sacrifice. Saying point 1 and 3, sometimes you still have to sacrifice. It maybe because there are no person to do the work or simply it is taking too much time and you just want to end it. But make sure it is not too much. 
  5. Document everything. The newer system have become quite fancy as they need even more detail in the report you need to do as you finish a program. Make sure you jot down every work you do every time you spent. One important thing is to do "minit mesyuarat" for those small meetings you do involving your own bureau. Pictures also much important. Confirmed first with your lecturer how they would want these "pembuktian" to be done. You could save a lot of hassle by this.
  6. Make everything official ASAP. These programs have to be registered with UKM first. UKM would have all the detail of all the programs handle by their students. These process can be quite long and tiring. As these is all settled at UKM Bangi, you would be dealing with a Unit Kebajikan staff who come to UKM KL twice a week. Make sure you have these staff numbers and the exact day they would come to KL so you can plan ahead. After getting the pink letters of Surat Kelulusan Aktiviti, quickly apply for Surat Permohonan Derma and Surat Pengecualian Cukai. All the details can be found here : 
  7. Make a proper work list out. Especially if you are the director make sure your comittees know what they have to do. List it out to make it clear. It is easier to point out if anything happen. We are not finding someone to blame for but someone to fix the problem. With that come point 7.
  8. No one is guilty. A big problem may arised and there is this person that is just much guilty. Keep your anger and tendency to blame it all on them. Not everyone is perfect and of course how much sloppy a person can be they still don't really want to cause any mess right? Focus your energy to fix it. 
  9. Have a good communication net. Make a system or something. We use to have this system were one person will text the news to one person and then will pass to the next person until the last person would text it back to the first one. It spread the cost quite evenly to everyone and the text come directly into your handphone thus no "offline" problems there. Since you have to text it to the next person, you ought to NOTICE the news right? Problem solved Like a boss!
  10. Find the passion. You must have the passion to do your work so that you would actually will be having fun. These work would take times and it is not good if you didn't feel like doing it.
  11. Money. All program would have much money problems. Get as crazy as you want to brainstorm on how to gain more income. Don't simpy push the job to Unit Pemasaran. Sometimes a crazy idea might help others to get a more reasonable idea. Believe me, these happens!
  12. Network. You have the chances to know more peoples. Learn more about them and get their numbers. You never know when it wil become useful. With that being told, don't forget to become that best person to be friend with. 
  13. Be approachable. You might did not notice this but becoming approachable is the perks of lots of stuff. You know things fast and you know more! From who to call to get cheaper car rent to who to count on when you get yourself into a big mess.
  14. Be resourceful. No want love a needy. I hate to become a needy person. It also stall you. Become as creative and innovative as you can. Be confident! Don't say others are better or they might not be liking it. Try it first and then get all the say you need. Just do it first. 
  15. TIME. My last point. Whatever you do don't get yourself attached too long to it at one time. Prioritize is important. I MEAN IT.

i love to exposed myself to this program but as now i am all carefree and joyously living a peaceful life, i don't find myself eager to join any program. yup. FREEDOM IS ADDICTING.

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