BMPIL Writing Challenge - All About Laundry

Oct 4, 2021

 What was I thinking when I put this topic in? 

With that thought on my mind, I am again reminded that these topics were meant to get me more in touch with my life. It is easy to get lost by doing everything as if life itself is merely a repetition of things. Day in day out. Although I love having such structure, the appeal becomes a dread as it is literally the only thing that I can do while in this "lockdown". 

I haven't been home for months and literally shuts out for weeks on end to simply living day in and day out. I realized I never actually addresses this. I stop thinking about how many days it has been and I don't even care what day it is. Thank god we can do inter-district travel. I got to meet my friends and it feels so good.

Anyway, I'm actually doing my laundry at the moment which is actually a coincidence. I work half-day today and will only clock in at 6pm. I usually don't do my laundry on Monday because I feel like I need to "stretch" the weekend vibes as much as possible since I usually will do an evening shift on Monday. But since the laundry is pilling and I have slept and eat enough, I feel like doing laundry will help me feel good. I did spend the entire weekend hanging out with my friend though. I even had an impromptu crash at my friend place on Saturday because we finished karaoke-ing at 1130pm lol.

My place here has a manual washing machine. Or is it a semi-automatic? I'm not sure the right term but it was those that have separate washing and spinning parts and you need to turn on the water and wait for it to fill and then set how long you want to wash it and then drain and repeat and et cetera et cetera.

It usually takes me forever because I hate waiting and then I'll do other things while waiting and then I forgot about it and then I remember so then I have to change the water and the let it wash again and then I'll forget about it again. I do like how you can control everything so then I can do mini washing without the guilt of using excessive water or if I just want to a quick spin.

I'm an avid user of powdered detergent. I feel like the liquid ones get stuffy if you don't hang them right away or if you don't dry them under the sun. I dry my laundry in the living room where I have this Ikea mullig and simply hangs on hangers and leave it for dayysssssssssssssssss.

Like literally for days. I hate folding so much. Also, there weren't many tenants so far in all the places I have rented so there's a lot of free space.

I used to buy that Daia powdered detergent with Downy scents. It smells so good. I don't use softener much due to that because let's be real, we only use softener for how good it smells. However, since my old landlord didn't fix the broken washing machine I just bought random detergent that I found in Speedmart as I did most of my laundry the 24hour self-service laundry. It was those that gives detergent and softener automatically for free. 

When I moves in here, I still have lots of detergents left which was not Daia so I started to buy softener again. I mean why not since I'm going through all the trouble filling in the water and draining it out and whatnot, I can give effort and add softener as well I the meantime. The smell was obviously much better and I always go overboard anyway so I keep on doing that lol.

The softener is finishing though, maybe I should buy the softener that Jungkook uses next.