My last post was on the 4th of October. It's a good two months of me not writing anything. Not sure how I am feeling about that but yesterday, I do suddenly missing writing my poems. 

I thought I'm going to write about how life has been just to show how a person in her late twenties is doing. Writing a poem is not it by the way. I miss it so much though.

A lot has been happening and everything went so fast. Before I knew it, there's another two months left before my three months notice is finished. Yup, that happens. I went on for an interview, succeeded and in two months, I'll be working a new place. I got two fresh new staff that I need to train, again, and I hope they'll stay long enough or at least until the company got a new pharmacist to replace me. The new staffs are so much easier to work with so I'm immensely thankful for that.

I did my presentation for the company last month. It was my first time ever doing a presentation in this company and outside of the hospital setting. It occupies me for a good two weeks. I keep putting off doing the slides in favor of training new staff (the ones who have quit) and doing everything on my own since I can't rely much on the new staff. I even did the slides at home because I wanted to finish them before going on a short staycation-ish trip with my friend. It was only for a few hours though. I am very serious about not doing my work at home. 

I'm so proud of the slides. I purposely choose a title that I don't know much and with that, I was able to learn so many new things. The presentation went well too. All and all, it was a good success.

The staycation is a success too. We were celebrating a friend of ours who came back from Sabah. We stayed at Dorsett KL, play some electronic scooter, watch a good horror movie, frolicking in the rooftop pool for hours and end it with a nice hi-tea buffet at Atmosphere 360. 

She did drop us a bomb by suddenly saying she is going to get married without any notice about how there's a prospective guy in her life. Now that's something that I'm not sure if I was borderline mad or just annoyed about. I'm not really close with her as we rarely get the chance to see each other but there's a few of us back then so it was natural for us to get her into our group. I guess she was that introverted person which we adopt so I love being able to celebrate her. I can't help also feeling betrayed when she told us that like it was nothing. 

I feel like sharing this because it's one of the things that usually happen and sometimes it can be a confusing thing.

The problem is that when I get angry or anything, I tend to shut down from such people. At first, it was because I realized that I can be so cruel when I'm mad so I learned to just step away. Before long, stepping away becomes letting them go and I am simply at peace. It is surprisingly easy to let go. Like if I ever did this to you, I'm sorry but I can't give you any good explanation because I just can't be bothered so there's that. 

I need to improve my communication skills. Like a friend of mine has been so annoying lately and I'm like "We need to switch you off for a while" but the pharmacy he's working at is finally opening today so I need to wish him or something. I'm so proud of him though.

I've been spending more time with my family since the interstate travel ban has been lifted. They have finished re-did my old grandparent's house and I finally get to see it. It was so nice being able to stay in my village again. We even do a small get-together with my relatives there.

I didn't get updated with Covid-19 cases much these past months and my new housemate told me that we might go into another lockdown so that's a thought I'm going to put far behind my mind. Oh ya, I got two new housemates so no more putting stuff everywhere because I was the only one here. That was a sweet one month of privacy.

Besides those is the typical changing new tyres, getting a deal for a new brake pad, going for Dr Ko sessions and I even get the chance to try a new restaurant around here. I don't read though. I need to continue my reading lol. 

I think that is all and it has been good.

Also, I put those Veets cream above my upper lips area to get rid of those tiny hairs. I tried shaving but it didn't give me a smooth finish. Waxing causes small bumps afterward. Putting Veets makes it so smooth so yeah. Don't do it.