Roll On : Tarbiyah 2

Feb 17, 2015

Tak per

nah senang pon bila mana yang lebih melalaikan tu lebih direlakan.

Malas. Itulah masalah utama aku. Ya Allah, bila time period lagi lah makin menjadi. Period aku sebelum ni lama. Dekat 10 hari. Bayangkan la bila dah suci, nak mula solat itu ini dan nak menghafal lagi malah nak tilawah pon rasa berat yang amat. Aku jadi cuba memaksa diri tapi bila keadaan memaksa je aku mula berbuat sesuatu.


diam diam makin hitam hati nya
diam diam rasa salah tapi seminit cuma
diam diam nak ubah pada esok yang tak pernah tiba
diam diam setan itu kerja tak henti
diam diam kau keras kan hati
diam diam kau makin jauh makin lupus
diam diam setan itu tak pernah pergi
bising bising la sikit 
sentapkan HATI

hati adalah satu kalut yang besar. oh. tapi hati boleh dididik dan dibela. dibelai dan dibentuk ikot kemahuan. kemahuan tarbiyah.

disiplin adalah pemain utama.



Roll On : 10 Blog Posts I Love.

Feb 8, 2015

Roll On : 11 Things In My Room

Feb 7, 2015

The challenge is still on!

I think it's better to be listing things in my room in college since it is really my very own room. At home  we share rooms and i have my things all over the place. Hee~

  1. Sometimes I have fresh flower on my desk
  2. My board was full of everything including my badges collection.
  3. Big mirror. I need to have at least a mirror allowing me to see full view of my tudung.
  4. Meja lipat lipat tu. I despise normal table sometimes.
  5. My shoes. Since i stay at college more and need to go to places i have my important shoes here in college instead of homes. I pakai selipar je kat rumah.
  6. I have my ironed tudung tie on a hanger so it become thiese rays of tudung and i hung it on the wall so it's looks sort of decoration and its more fun.
  7. All my stuff animal pillows. Only one is actually a gift while the other two were bought since i need small pillow. Funnily, it is only rm10 for 3 stuff animal. Pre loved items. The other one i give it to my friend.
  8. I have my own printer.
  9. and multipurpose cooker
  10. plus of course a water heater.
  11. and LAPTOP. I'm able to actually be living in this room.
Miss Amiez~ Care to join? :*

Roll On : What I Do To Present Better

Peoples may misunderstand me for being a well-spoken person for one or two occasion whereby I can talk good. Sort of lah. I have this friend who speak great in front of audience and somehow having the strangest stage fright ever. The point here is that all of us can do speak well in front of many people but we just have to know the "how" of it.

This is mainly my experience especially because we do need to do lots of presentation. Sadly not many of us actually good at explaining even though we have been doing that for quite sometime now. Most of us, so-called "professionals", simply read from slide. It is quite sad actually.

The main problem is that most of us, yes us, me included, is just too nervous. This post also aims not to fight nervousness in presentation but also in daily conversation etc etc in life.

The most important thing I notice is that to be able to explain better is to understand is best first. I mean to really understand it. Some of the better students here which explain better do avoid jargoans although we can understand the jargoans. It is simply because the explanation will be easier to be conveyed. Speaking in simpler languange also help to  make people to pay attention to you especially for us since we need to talk in English. Yes we were good at understanding English but using simpler language require less work in translating thus making people less distracted.

Say you want to approach people to ask for something like sponsorship for example, if you understand you goals and your programs better you can easily recollect points when asked. You would easily become less confidence when you can't deliver what the person want to know. One thing will lead to another and may makes you even nervous. So please gets your fact together! You may not have much benefits for the company you approach but the "care" that you show would give some impact.

Next, especially in presentation, please use less words in your slides. There is these techniques we learned in matrics named CASPER techniques. You can read it more here (it's in malay) which basically tips on doing better slides. Many of us would either don't know or don't care about the right techniques to do a slide.

You can't crammed all the facts.
You may omit certain point.
You have to show out the main point in bullets!
Many more do's and dont's we didn't practice.

some good tips.

Some say it is easier since we can simply read it when we nervous. I think this is why we become even worst in presentation since we have this "life jacket" plan. It will not improve your nervousness since you have been accustomed to this safe plan which actually destroying you slowly inside. (Quite exaggerated but i like the sound of it. Hee~).  If you have done my first tip, to understand better, using simpler words will help you deliver better since you need it to organize your thoughts only.

After that, PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. Nothing can beat the power of practice. Don't trust those propaganda saying you need to be yourself etc etc. I don't believe in myself when I'm not prepared because I know that I will resort to many foolish decisions when I'm nervous. Don't you have those feeling when you do something and you like "I can do better than that". Yes you do only when you are well prepared! You are not the real you when you are not prepared. That "unprepared you" is mistakes bound to happen and that is not you.

Afterwards, set your mind that everyone is the same. Allah have created everyone of the same equality. No one is more superior that the other. Especially when you try to do presentation when everyone is at your age and understand nothing of that topic that you will present. I mean, you might messed up  the facts yet none will realized. *evil laugh* . Ok. Having this thought actually calms me since I know they want to know (or in my case they have to or else the can't answer exams). Most importantly is that I realized that no one really that keen on remembering your mistakes anyway. The funny ones , maybe , but it won't do you any harm. Just stop being nervous and give your very best. Not for anyone but you yourself.

I always have this thought to put myself in the place of people who will be listening to me and imagine if i messed up my words. Yup, nothing too bad would happen in y exaggerated dream. You would only saying the wrong facts only to be corrected by the lecturers or people declining your offers which then you can go propose to other company better. Especially among your friends, the may even consoled you afterwards since they understand your situation anyways.

If you are feeling more diligent, go find out some youtube clips to see how better peoples doing better presentation. I would sugget Steve Jobs since everyone is so keen on his presentation whenever Apple have new product. He really is something.


Last but not least, I can give you thousand of tips but none would work if you didn't understand the gravity of the problems here. Fresh graduates is so horrible at speaking confidently, including me. Many have mistaken that peoples were born with it. You ares so wrong. It was learned. I notice if you have that kind of parent which nurture you to this path you can be that outspoken-friendly person.Yes, the person that you see can be well spoken ones were also learned it by their parents way of raising them. Stop thinking that it is not important because many of us feel too comfortable in this spot when we as a student need to move forward.

Like this articles HERE. We are too selfish~

Roll On : Cheating Mr Hungry

Feb 6, 2015

Well, i hate feeling hungry and even worst i sometimes crave for weird stuff which is hard to get. I'm hungry and still become this picky person.Yeah. Not fun at all. Even more annoying, i might have ate much but yet still hungry because i'm a malay and i need rice.

Hungry means more food and more food is not good as i'm not an exercise kind of person. Just nahhhhhh.

Hee, ok lets get the fact straight. I still jog and stuff but really, i'm not that into it. I'm not that good in sport. That really make it worst because i hate jog since it was so boring and i can't play games. Arghh. I need to change this. Anywayyyyyy.

Actually, you can cheat your hunger. Funny huh. It helps as i hate snacking. Peoples will become healthier if we could avoid snacking plus of course eating the right amount. Talking about the right amount. Make sure you plate of food look something like this picture below.

Lets us starts now!

  1. Breakfast! Breakfast! Breakfast! Eating the right breakfast help to feel hungry at the right time.
  2. Drink some plain water before a heavy meal. It helps to makes you feel less hungry thus avoid you from taking more food.
  3. Having said the second point, drinking plain water help to reduce you hungry-ness.
  4. Sometimes, by simply ignoring it, you will stop feeling hungry. Distract yourselves.E
  5. Avoid being around food. Actually, our body response to food unconsciously such that it prepare us to eat. Yup, it makes you feel hungry without you noticing it.
  6. Eat more fibre. Fruit and vegetables of course. Basically we feel hungry when our stomach is empty. Fibre stays longer in our stomach plus with very little calories as to chickens and cakes.
  7. Make sure to stop before feeling full. You know that so full of food feeling and that just enough fullness that you need not anymore food. IDENTIFY THAT. You actually will eat less than you always do. Thus you can eat less but frequently that will prevent you feel too hungry thus eats too much.
  8. Stress out making you hungrier? Nope! You brain is playing a trick on you. Basically, eating gives this "happy" feeling. But the "happiness" actually comes when you swallow the food only. Thus, you were feeling "happier" each time your mouth have something. Not because the fullness! Quite mindblowing right? This actually makes me think twice when i'm hungry.
  9. There is also a sunnah to help you eat less. Take a pinch of salt before eating.
  10. EXERCISE. Most effective of all. When you're tired and i don know, something happen maybe. I always not hungry after jogging although before that i want to eat many things.

There is more to this. I myself listing this according to what i have read and i have tried for myself.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, eat the right portion at the right time and have regular (blueghh) exercise.

If you realize, i'm omitting more challenges because it just doesn't make any sense for me.

So now, simply telling about me will be boring for sure and also i have done it for a segmen i've joined (it's in malay). It consist of ten facts thus i'm going to add two more and plus a little twist.

I'm a sanguine first and a choleric second. I have briefly explain about this two thing before but i just can't find it. I may have deleted it or failed to publish it. Anywayyyyy. 

This is actually regarding a personality test i've done. The test will show what personality you have the strongest and the next 3. Yup, it basically groups peoples into 4 main group.


The test is known as Temperament Test. You can test yourself too via online test HERE. I still test myself and still get the same result.


i am so a daydreamer. it's my way to past times.


can dominate huh. Well, the idea is that , don't simply check this and that and be over with it. Takes a step further. Check the score you get for each other temperament also to see how strong or weak you are at other temperament. Get the insight on things you need to improve. I am strongest at sanguine and being a sanguine not all about hyperactive and fun, the strongest weakness is that we are so lazy . I would love to be as consistent and more relaxed of some sort like a phlegmatic.


if you all realize, these 4 temperament have a specifc theme or spectrum of traits. It really help to understand peoples but it doesn't quickly justifies a person. Bear that in mind! You might mistaken me as a phlegmatic when i'm on my period. Boo hoo.

People can change. Thats a solid fact. Choose who you want to be. This test help me to foresee my strength thus fortifies it and also my weakness thus improved it. I'm still trying to change myself for the best. Basically, all these 4 temperament need to be in balance and then you would become a better person.

Why i want to change?

I love the fact that i can become a better version of myself. Simply because it will also help me to become a better muslimah. For ummah and most importantlly for myself to get to HIM.

Roll On : 17 Words I Like or Nahhhhhhh

Feb 5, 2015

 Ok. I should have seen through all the challenge before i choose this one. To be listing names and words isn't something i was fascinating to do about.

How can i get to like a word in particular? The meaning of the word well that is another thing. It's more to hating that specific thing.

Also, you can't hate a specific word unless it give some more meaning into it when contructed into a sentence right?

 But then,


I'm omitting this challenge. IT MAKE NO SENSE AT ALL.


Roll On : 18 Names You Like

Feb 2, 2015

What?? Why?? This challenge I've chosen is truly something.

Well, i'm not going to give 18 names. I'm gonna give you 99 NAMES! The best names of Allah with it's supreme meaning.

For example, Ustaz Nouman Ali Khan have excellently describe the meaning of Ar Rahman and really is super something. Go check it out HERE.

CLICK the picture to see it clearer

Roll On : 19 Quotes I Love

Feb 1, 2015

I miss this post yesterday since i didn't expect we will be staying at kampung. Opah staying alone and have mak long or mak ngah to sleep over at night. The life so close togehter but walid love the idea of having us in the weekend instead. I love it there. Kampung house is much more "freedom" feeling somehow. 

19 quotes huh. Well this is surely something. I don't think i'll be pulling much of peoples quotes though. Ayah from al quran and hadith will also be included. The list will be all over the place. Some quotes have some explanation to show how i see it but some might not because it clearly state the mening that i want. Some maybe in picture. So yeah. It is all over the place. Here it is.

For indeed, with hardship [will be] ease. Indeed, with hardship [will be] ease.   
[ Surat Ash-Sharh (The Relief), 6-7) ]

i'm touched how Allah stressed this point out twice. We see people bravely putting up at a problem when we ourselves are like clueless and headless. Feeling much in despair but we forget that Allah won't give us things we can't face and to top that off He also say that you'll be at ease. the problem is we put to much effort into thinking about another human being when we could simply put our faith all into Allah. Allah is the one who will control everything after all and then come the second quotes which is actually a duaa'

I love this duaa. It reminds me that we human are too weak to even control our own desire and that how matter we scared how a human decision will affect our lives we forget that those decision were first decided by Allah himself ! Just prays to him that we will be granted the strength to fight the wrongs and do the rights. Don't get to caught up in thinking you are much too weak to become his best servant. The fact that you have those kind of thinking is actually a clue that He wants you. Show your effort. Try and try and duaa that he will make you strong. After that come this third "quotes".

But for your Lord, be patient.
[Surat Al-Muddaththir (The Cloaked One), 7 ]

sometime we face lots of different things that ought us to be patient and i get this ease when i found this ayah that just be patient for Allah. Allah love people who is very patient. He even promise heaven for those who is patient.

And those who are patient, seeking the countenance of their Lord, and establish prayer and spend from what We have provided for them secretly and publicly and prevent evil with good - those will have the good consequence of [this] home -
Gardens of perpetual residence; they will enter them with whoever were righteous among their fathers, their spouses and their descendants. And the angels will enter upon them from every gate, [saying], 
"Peace be upon you for what you patiently endured. And excellent is the final home."
[ Surat Ar-Ra`d (The Thunder) , 22 - 4 ]

 Someone do a sharing based on these ayah and it truly struck my heart. Everything start with being patient that eventually it is really this quality that will grant us heaven. It's not simply becoming patient when you become angry. It could be a whole lot of thing. Like patients on things you like.

O you who have believed, if you support Allah , He will support you and plant firmly your feet.
[Surat Muĥammad (Muhammad), 7]
 Don't be afraid to do things in help of Allah deen's. Even though you think you will be facing problem in the world because of you have to neglect it for Allah, Allah will help you back. Not only help , He will  make you become even firm on it. Imagine that! 

Kejar akhirat, dunia akan ikut kita. Kejar dunia, akhirat jauh meninggalkan kita. 
Chase the afterlife, and the world will join us. Chase the world, the afterlife will left us. 

there is a book named "Indahnya Hidup Selepas Mati" which i bought because i got this weird habit of getting myself weird books. Peoples always buys books of that famous author and stuff but i simply choose at random. There is this one idea that books try to implant that makes us start to think that to die and return to Him is the most realistic life ever.

Want immortality? Then die.  

 then of course i have to share Imam Al Ghazali advices. It was such a good strings of advices that people need to take it seriously. It's in malay though, i can't find English one's.

After that i just have to stress out the important of niat. It is the heart of an ibadah. It is very important that it is the very first hadith in Imam Nawawi 40 Hadith and the first rukun for all ibadah.

On the authority of Omar bin Al-Khattab, who said : I heared the messenger of Allah salla Allah u alihi wa sallam say :

"Actions are but by intention and every man shall have but that which he intended. Thus he whose migration was for Allah and His messenger, his migration was for Allah and His messenger, and he whose migration was to achieve some worldly benefit or to take some woman in marriage, his migration was for that for which he migrated." related by Bukhari and Muslim 



well,thats all then! FINISHED IT :D