Roll On : Cheating Mr Hungry

Feb 6, 2015

Well, i hate feeling hungry and even worst i sometimes crave for weird stuff which is hard to get. I'm hungry and still become this picky person.Yeah. Not fun at all. Even more annoying, i might have ate much but yet still hungry because i'm a malay and i need rice.

Hungry means more food and more food is not good as i'm not an exercise kind of person. Just nahhhhhh.

Hee, ok lets get the fact straight. I still jog and stuff but really, i'm not that into it. I'm not that good in sport. That really make it worst because i hate jog since it was so boring and i can't play games. Arghh. I need to change this. Anywayyyyyy.

Actually, you can cheat your hunger. Funny huh. It helps as i hate snacking. Peoples will become healthier if we could avoid snacking plus of course eating the right amount. Talking about the right amount. Make sure you plate of food look something like this picture below.

Lets us starts now!

  1. Breakfast! Breakfast! Breakfast! Eating the right breakfast help to feel hungry at the right time.
  2. Drink some plain water before a heavy meal. It helps to makes you feel less hungry thus avoid you from taking more food.
  3. Having said the second point, drinking plain water help to reduce you hungry-ness.
  4. Sometimes, by simply ignoring it, you will stop feeling hungry. Distract yourselves.E
  5. Avoid being around food. Actually, our body response to food unconsciously such that it prepare us to eat. Yup, it makes you feel hungry without you noticing it.
  6. Eat more fibre. Fruit and vegetables of course. Basically we feel hungry when our stomach is empty. Fibre stays longer in our stomach plus with very little calories as to chickens and cakes.
  7. Make sure to stop before feeling full. You know that so full of food feeling and that just enough fullness that you need not anymore food. IDENTIFY THAT. You actually will eat less than you always do. Thus you can eat less but frequently that will prevent you feel too hungry thus eats too much.
  8. Stress out making you hungrier? Nope! You brain is playing a trick on you. Basically, eating gives this "happy" feeling. But the "happiness" actually comes when you swallow the food only. Thus, you were feeling "happier" each time your mouth have something. Not because the fullness! Quite mindblowing right? This actually makes me think twice when i'm hungry.
  9. There is also a sunnah to help you eat less. Take a pinch of salt before eating.
  10. EXERCISE. Most effective of all. When you're tired and i don know, something happen maybe. I always not hungry after jogging although before that i want to eat many things.

There is more to this. I myself listing this according to what i have read and i have tried for myself.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, eat the right portion at the right time and have regular (blueghh) exercise.

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