Hannan Medispa Review (Part One)

Nov 12, 2019

This is going to be so long and I needed to also explain my reasons of why I did what I did.

I got a minor breakout that started before Ramadhan but it got worse like a month after Raya. It's not a full-blown out one but the one around my left jaw was so bad. It keeps on coming back again and again. There are a few reasons why the breakout happens but it was mainly because I didn't have a solid skincare routine as I should have since I didn't want to continue my medicine. I should have continued my isotretinoin for like another year but I'm just so tired to go again. The typical course should last for at least six months but the doctor at Klinik Dr. Ko says that I need to take it longer to prevent further breakout. I was surprised she wanted me to take it for that long plus there isn't any regular blood check-up that should have been done when taking isotretinoin. I think she didn't know that I'm a pharmacist. But at that time I'm just so tired already but I do plan on continuing a regular skin care treatments.

This time around, Hanna Medispa was just opened near my home. It was good timing, isn't it? I went there and specifically asked for not to be started on any oral medication. 

Ok, I'm not against medications. I'm a pharmacist for god's sake. I just hated the commitment I need to give in eating my medicine and getting refills and trying to schedule a blood test because Klinik Dr. Ko didn't do one.

Back to Hannan Medispa. 

I went there and asked for acne treatments available and was hoping for the regular deep facial treatment with salicylic acid. I forgot the initial treatment they wanted to suggest to me because I agree with this 6 + 2 package that they have for acne. It cost RM1.6k and I agreed for three reasons.

  1. Being acne-prone is a disease and I decided I needed a regular and professionally done skin treatment in order to maintain my skin health. This package offers me eight treatments which will last for several months and I remembers that skin treatments at Klinik Dr Ko costed aroundRM150 to RM300 per session so this is quite a good offer. Plus, as I have said before, I don't want to eat medicine so this is the next choice that I have.
  2. I've been meaning to try Hanna Medispa for the longest time since it provides varieties of skin treatments and its founder is an actual medical doctor so I believe the treatment would be scientifically proven. Again, going into eight sessions will give me better experience to give opinions.
  3. The packages include their moisturizer, cleanser, serum, and sunscreen. Each costed almost RM100 each. I wanted to try their products as well so this is my chance.

Actually, there is a fourth reason why I chose this but it was more like an added benefit that an actual reason. Unlike Klinik Dr Ko, Hannan Medispa have Janus Facial Analysis System machine. I wanted to have my thoroughly analyze and it cost RM50 per session. However, the price is included in the RM1.6k so I got to see my skin progress at each visit.

Ok, now for the treatments. It will start by meeting their staff (I'm not sure what they are called, probably beauticians?) and they will analyze my skin both hands-on and using the Janus machine. From there on they will decide which solution I would need. The first six treatments which focus on treating my acne will revolve around the use of these "solutions". As I started to use their salicylic acid cleanser my skin gets very dry and so for the second session, they use mandelic acid which is milder. The focus was to dry out the acne and kills it. It was best for me to come every two weeks. I have then used Cetaphil and their salicylic acid as needed in order to maintain my skin to not become too oily but at the same time not to dry. 

oily skin 101 - if your skin becomes too dry, it will produce more oil

I have two more sessions. As my acne cleared by the fifth session, instead of having six-session focusing on acne, they change it for something that my skin will need.

The acne treatments was a simple cleansing and scrubbing (they use the peeling ones instead of the cleanser based scrub), applying the solution (please refer back to my appointment card - SA is salicylic acid, MA is mandelic acid, GP is glutathione peel and I forgot what MP was lol) and when the solution did it magic they will continue cleaning the solutions, apply a sheet mask, LED light face mask, moisturizer and finally a sunscreen. I somehow have a vague memory of some head massage, but it very prompt. 

The first session was such a success, most of my acne clears out but my skin gets very dry since I have started to use the SA cleanser. The staff did ask me to use the cleanser as necessary and to apply moisturizer a few times throughout the day but I didn't really understand the consequences. I thought I was doing enough. About a day or two before my next treatment, I realized that my skin did become so dry. The second session uses mandelic acid, as salicylic acid will be too harsh on my dry skin. Mandelic acid reduces my acne but it doesn't actually clear it like the first one. It keeps one being like that, not clearing the acne totally, even on treatment that I actually uses the salicylic acid solution. Bear in mind that upon doing Janus analysis, my point for oil is still high despite being so dry. 

I continue to use the cleanser diligently but my progress was so slow and in the fourth session the staff wanted me to take a short course of antibiotics and to use topical clindamycin. I notice that my skin was improving as I get the hold on the skin routine with their product but it was slow. I still take the antibiotic but for 10 days instead of two weeks and apply that topical clindamycin (I always forgot though). By the sixth session, my acne was well cleared and I was supposed to do the medium peeling treatment but the TCA solutions finish. Instead, I did derma pen treatment. 

As for my Janus assessment, most of the criteria they analyze improves. These criteria include oil counts, UV spots, pores and other things that I forgot since I usually focus on these three only. I do like this analysis session as they will also explain what I should do more in my skin care routine. There is this one period time where I wore sheet masks rather diligently and the oil count drops a lot. #hydrationisindeedthekey

Since they use a sheet mask that needs like only 20 minutes, the facial treatment session itself usually lasts no longer than an hour. Klinik Dr. Ko uses their mix of these powders which is sort of like a clay mask that needs a longer time. What really struck me is that I can see an even better outcome with only one salicylic treatment with Klinik Dr. Ko than the one Hanna Medispa. Was it the thorough extraction? The soothing mask? It is definitely not the medicine since it will take at least one month to show effects and the cleanser didn't have much salicylic acid as well.

Other obnoxious facts that are a bit turn-off -  

  1. If they think I needed some blackhead/whitehead removal procedures, they will suggest it but you need to pay an extra RM10. They use this machine (not that suction one) so it will be solely on blackheads and whiteheads only. During Klinik Dr. Ko sessions, the extraction was done manually and they even "clean" out acne that is suitable for extraction. 
  2. I think there are one or two occasions where they didn't put a sheet mask and you needed to pay extra if you want it. I was blown away that I went to facial treatments and there isn't a mask.
  3. A short course of antibiotics won't do anything for acne and it was absurd to start it in the middle of my session.
  4. Why did they only use a sheet mask????

People keep asking me if Hannan Medispa is good. This is my answer every time - if you have minor skin problems, like dullness, some scars etc, it will do wonders. It is way cheaper too. But for treating an acne-prone skin with breakouts, it will take time and you need to really adhere to the advised skincare routine for it to show actual work. It is also best to seek their doctor right away and ask if you needed to be started on medications.

Their facial treatment for acne is a bit superficial (?) so it takes a longer time to show effect. It also relies heavily on their skincare products instead of the treatments itself which is why I insisted on a doctor's review at the very start. The treatments help but I only gain actual trust after my fourth session (which about two months a half now) and that was when I got a hold on the skincare routine. I was a bit taken aback since I paid a lot. But it still works. There are cases of an even worse case of acne which has been treated wonderfully but that is under their doctor supervision.

Anyway, the breakout has cooled down but the scarring was pretty bad and of course the dullness. When I'm at Klinik Dr. Ko, I also use this Vitamin C powder and this hydrating treatment thingy which did wonders to my skin.  I was hoping the derma pen treatment gave some life into my dull skin but it doesn't. I was considering to buy the Vitamin C powder again but that is another RM150. I hope my next two sessions will be good.

That's it!

Do wait for my part two as it will involve other more aesthetic parts of my treatment.

One For My ARMY Heart - K-Pop Merch

Nov 1, 2019

I hope that at this stage, everyone knew that I like k-pop and I love BTS.

I have this habit to take pictures of things that I thought would be great for a blog's update yet it usually sits on my phone for the longest time. Sometimes I just deleted it. Then I got this idea to properly organized those pictures into Google drive where I have a specific folder for my blog. That way I can easily access it through my laptop and walla - now I got some free time and I am finally doing this.

part of the mini gallery

I went to this K-pop merchandise shop in Seri Kembangan called K-pop Garden Merchandise. I never knew this kind of shop exists. I only find random BTS or BT21 merchandise in some kiosks at malls. The idea of a shop solely for K-pop merchandise was quite an interesting idea for me. My cousin told me about it and I guess she got the chance to stop by since it is near our aunt's house. I went to KL the other day for this conference thing which ended at noon and took the chance to visit the shop. I was hoping to find some BTS/BT21 phone ring/stand and one big RJ plushies. I was also looking for a small netbook bag.

I found none lol.

I think there's plenty of phone ring but they didn't have that specific design that I want.

See these designs? It wasn't all official merchandise. Yoongi looks so cute lol.

The shop itself is quite modest. I was thinking something chic like a mall's shop but it wasn't even well lighted or air-conditioned. It's not bad of course, I was just not expecting it to be that modest. But their collections were amazing. They got plenty of stuff from lomo cards to t-shirt, assortment of keychain design, really cute tote bags, albums, tumblers, and even BT21 plushies!

The designs were amazing too. I keep on glancing at Blackpink's merchandise because they look so cool and beautiful. I asked the shopkeeper and it seems like she runs the shop with her sister like for years now and the shop was initially in a mall (I forgot which mall). I have also asked if a big RJ plushie is available and she says that she can order it for me and it can be an original one from LINE or a fake one from Chine but it will take time. Probably applicable for other items too.

socks were like the last things I thought they will have


But my favorite would be these posters that they hung up all around the shop which some have signatures. It was like a mini gallery. I guess there are also stuff from fans which I'm not sure how it ended up here. I forgot to ask the shopkeeper. All and all, it was a pleasant experience. Especially in Malaysia where being a K-pop fan was always ridicule, in here it just feels like a normal thing. Just a girl liking songs from a specific boy band.

These are what I got. The lomo card was stashed somewhere in my drawer but I wore that ARMY bomb keychain on my work lanyard together with my work ID.