Roll On: Me, in The Next 10 Years.

Jan 30, 2017

Dear diary,

Yeah, I'm so treating this blog as my personal diary.

Let start again.

Dear diary, after such a mind-blowing-heart-wrenching-soul-searching post that I wrote before, I am glad to tell, I am feeling a bit better today. Still a bit dysphoric but I was rather out and about. Tonight I put on some mask and properly clean my face so it really is a bit of a change. Yeah, my pimple scars are depressing but hey, one step at a time. This freaking Bio Oil needs some time and I just religiously wear it for about two weeks (kill me).

Since I am feeling better and had taken an hour nap after maghrib (I was so sleepy and the heavy rain was damn soothing) let's figure this out. I read this 10 years thing from Anwar Hadi's blog which you can check it out HERE. Basically, I just write what I want to be in 10 years to come and the main idea is to read it once a year. It was supposed to help me stay on the right path and be driven and stuff but Allah knows I'm not the most well-adjusted people in the world. Regardless, it wasn't really that hard and I'm a  bit curious as well. 

Let's try to sleep before 1 a.m. okay. Please.

So, I'll be 34 years old lah kan. I'm gonna do this in points.

  1. I got a good career. One that I would enjoy doing every single day. Yes, it can be stressful at times, I am allowed to feel totally done with it, but at the end of the day, I would always know that it is my passion.
  2. I am married. Like seriously, I want to be married before I reach 27 years old and have some children aswell. Maybe three, and no problem of all being boys.
  3. visit my father regularly. He is so well adjusted that he wouldn't be going to need any money from me insyaAllah and seriously, the best you can ever give your parents is your presence.
  4. I am still connected dearly to all my siblings. Growing up a bunch makes them my entire world and seeing how some family just drifted apart makes me a bit scared that we would also. simpangmalaikatpatpulohpat.
  5. I have a stable life in term of monetary. I have owned all the basics like a car and a house. Whatever happens, I need to have a house in my name. If say I have already had a home with my husband, but it wasn't in my name, I'd buy another one. Real estate investment things.
  6. I somewhat have a solid plan at least, on having my very own business. I don't really give a thought on the kind of business I want since I trust that in 10 years to come I will learn more on business niche and then I can decide.
  7. Devotedly offer myself to a charity, I have one in mind and I would want my husband to share the same dedication.
  8. Overall a better Muslim. Specifically, I have successfully made myself to stick to a set of ibadah.
  9. Being an avid reader. Books have become something great for me and I want to always have it.
  10. At least have visited another country once.

My wants seem altogether surreal but at the same time seems so basic? I don't really need to achieve all those bucket lists stuff. Just not my thing so with that, I have this 10 stuffs. 

Being adult is scary huh. It felt scary because I know what I want and I know that wasted time things and that kinda pressures me. I need to stop worrying unnecessarily.


Emm, what is the one thing you gotta have in the next 10 years?

Roll On: My Dorky and Quirky Lookbook

Jan 24, 2017

I was going through my old photos in the spirit of being organized and get the inspiration to do this. Actually, I was thinking to have the important pictures uploaded here since this blog is literally my diary. Some pictures were really mundane but held so many precious memories behind it. But for now, how about a little lookbook of what I wore during my time in UKM.

Lectures would have me wore lots of baju kurung since we have to strictly wear only formal clothes. Since that leads to such a dull repetition of clothing, I didn't take so many pictures of me in baju kurung.

The title has actually spoken tons behind my choose of attire. I am not the biggest fashion sense person and truly, I didn't have the heart to buy those expensive clothes when the ones I have worked just as fine. I do realize I should be since I am "going" to work in a formal atmosphere and of course I wouldn't want to wear baju kurung all the time. Imagine the trouble.

This thing is kinda a big deal for me. I learn a lot about myself simply by the things I wore in my years in UKM. It took me those first three years to understand how I want to look and what suited me. Not only in the sense of the type of clothing but also the size and cutting. Seriously folk, a woman attire is a puzzle itself. 

I start wearing these kinds of muslimah t-shirts in UKM since there are lots of t-shirts you gotta buy 
for all sorts of programs and they always have muslimah t-shirt option. This t-shirt particularly is my favorite and that is my best-tudung-malas-ever which I got about four years ago.

This is not me, if you can't tell already. This is how lab coat of a pharmacy student at UKM  looks like. I just want to show that. 

This is our corporate shirt. Pharmacy in UKM tends to change the turquoise shade a bit different for each batch.
I don't know why. As you can see, the shirt cutting isn't really flattering on me and I'd love if it is a bit longer. See how much a mess I am with that tudung because I'm such a loser with tudung bawal. Now, if I ever want to look decent with a tudung bawal,  I can't wear any kind of small scarf under it and strictly wore it down ONLY.

This is what I wore during our third-year college dinner. No one really cares about college dinner and usually go all out for faculty dinner. However, I wore such a casual attire since the theme allows it. I don't remember what theme is it. This is my first time trying a decent two-piece. The ones with cardigans don't count! That is actually that maternity kind of shirt which is just ridiculous on me so I thought it will look better if I wore it this way. It does!

My first ever trying this feminine kind of floral printed shawl and totally in love at how it makes me look softer somehow. Actually, I got this one as a gift since I always lend my scooter to the girl who sells this.
That cardigan is getting baggy by time since it was a cheap one but I like the fabric and the cutting so so much. I always have a cardigan since I hate to change to a long sleeve t-shirt every time I went out for simple things like lunch or dinner.

This is the baju kurung that made me realize; do I have a thing for printed baju kurung instead of those fancy plain and intricate pattern? You see, I just don't feel true to myself wearing those plain patterned baju kurung. Btw, see what I did there, red shirt and blue scarf? I'm hinting Superman vibes.

That blouse is made of those fabric used to make a blazer. Quite thick and rough but the sturdiness make me look good at all time. It was Mak's. I always match it with a faded colored bottom like that jeans since apparently, I don't like if my pant/skirt having the same colour with my shirt.

Looky looky, i'm colour coordinated. Usually I will try not to be so colour coordinated because it felt boring to be in same-color-different-shades. Anyhow, this is the coat we wore during our clinical attachment, basically when we meet patients. I know right, we have all kind of coat for all kind of even. In UKM, all three course: pharmacy, medic and dental, actually owned different kind of coat. 

I was going to submit my thesis for good. Here I am, at my simplest form. Donning my tudung malas, a simple t-shirt and my favorite black jeans. You know how shocked I am when I learned that most of my friends in UKM don't even own a jean? I practically live with jeans.

A fun day out! I like that shirt so much for the color and the way it fit me. Sincerely, I don't own good formal shirt that much really.  My shoes was actually a canvas shoe made to look like a combat boot. It is so comfortable. Even with such choices of shoes, I never look myself to dress boyishly. 

As you can see by now, I am a shawl kind of girl.  I decided so when I was in third year I guess?
This is my ultimate lazy looks. Why? It is not a baju kurung actually screams malas and since no ironing is needed. I remember woke up that morning and just not wanting to iron anything but must look formal since it is OSPHE day. That flowy skirt, I forget what it called, is made of lycra and just fell onto your body.
I don't wear it that much now since it makes me look bigger.

Cliche en gambar with meds. Haha. Anyway, this is the only plain, fancy patterned at the bottom and of course pastel coloured baju kurung that I have. The only reason I owned this because I have an aunty who always give us the fabric to make into baju kurung and since she actually sells it, she would always have the trendy ones.

That skirt is my go-to-everywhere since it looks a bit preppy which gives the illusion, I give some thought onwhat I'm wearing today although really I didn't. It also accentuates my figure thus make me look even better. Again, all no-need-iron look and I am going on a day trip so of courseI would wear my comfiest t-shirt. 

Oh my, all these old photos makes me feel nostalgic. As I was looking through the photo I realized how much I have change. My acne was so much better and looking at the old pictures of selfies I have, even with tons of acne, made me so proud of myself being able to just ignore that and have fun. Be that as it may, deep down I know how hurtful I am and remembering those feeling was just heart-breaking. My shawl game has improved so much as well and I am so glad I know better now how to dress. Most importantly being confident with it.

Confidence is the new sexy.


How about you guys? What is the one thing that would be the most important characteristic of your look?

p/s: I have made my mind to always have a Supernatural gif in all of my post. Consider it as a branding effort. 

Roll On: Fuck*d Up Beyond All Recognition

Jan 22, 2017


I learned about the term from Saving Private Ryan. Found it again tonight as I watched 28 Weeks Later. You see, I feel rather "bland" these few days. I think it started when I was coming down with cold but alhamdulillah it didn't go full blown. After that, I don't know why but I feel so not motivated. My tongue still can't taste quite good and my throat stucking on thick phlegm aren't helping anything. It's literally killing me slowly. 

Now I'm whining. If you're not keen on reading negativity, stop here.

Whatever made me feel this depress has lead me thinking so low about myself. I realize I had few of these moments and it usually because of hormones stuff, specifically as my estrogen surge up (it may cause temporary anxiety or dysphoric). I always successfully discard those "feelings" knowing it just me messing my mind. But this time, it got me good. I want it to get me good.

I am a pharmacy student. I always know what I want, know exactly what I have to do, what to do next and things. It was the thing I am proud of, that I know what to do and do it. As I do it, I know that I've tried my best and that soothes me. But that was in my safe zone, this is real.

It has been more than 7 months now that I have finished pharmacy. Spend the first month on "raya" and generally family since both of my boys are home (they didn't get home quite much). Spent the next two month as a substitute teacher. Then come the graduation and finally the school starts their holiday and we were busy arranging stuff and trips. Now, for all the right reasons,  I have to care for both of my lil sister's school and manage house stuff like bills and lots of bills. Basically, I just stayed home. Doing nothing. Well, not really nothing but generally nothing. 

Yadda yadda yadda, that is all me giving excuses.

I don't do anything to further on my life value. There are so many "I can't". I wanted to just go into the industrial pharmacy (private sector) but Walid keens on me trying into government first. The first interview only started next week and guess what, I DID NOT EVEN GET THE INTERVIEW. It was such a stupid technical problem and I need to wait for the second interview; if there is one. I'm searching hard for the why of this but what if it only means that I should just go for industry. I try to find any job opening, there is NONE. Looking beyond is not easy.

There is no pharmacy hiring around me and seriously there are two other pharmacy students (that I know of) in this area and guess what, THEY GOT THE JOB. The fact that most of my friends actually got the job just make me even more frustrated. Well, not mostly. but still, I'm not going to measure myself on people who don't get the job now don't I.

I should go into a place that has the jobs. Like Selangor. I should totally go but then I got no money to stay there and Walid really is not so keen. Since I still have to care for my sisters, I should be working near here. There are too many BUT.

You know that person you would look up too. Maybe that lecturer of you who look damn confident and so good at their job (most of our lecturers still do clinical work). Or that Instagram girl who just so popular and have been using the popularity for business and just ace it. Don't let me start on those lots of successful business who only start with drop shipping (they made it seem like everyone can freaking do it but I don't even get one sale). 

I know that everyone can be that but it is so so hard. I'm solid scared for the new world. I even felt so self-conscious walking into a pharmacy asking if they willing to took another staff when obviously the are not hiring. I mean, just go and talk. The talking part was rather easy, but the go. To start something is hard. To stay on the course is fucking harder.

I am lost. FUBAR.

The funniest thing is, the fact that I am all bothered is that if I get called for the interview, I don't want to answer the question what did you do before the interview to be, well, nothing. It all come down to that. But the bigger issue is that, the one I should be taking into bigger consideration; I am no longer a kid. I got to build my life NOW. Everything I do now should be me building my life, the one that I want. 

I know what I gotta to do. I just have to get moving. To start. Into the wildest of things called life (geez, this sound lame).

This feels rather good. Geez, I don't quite expect me writing this posts can actually be sort of therapeutic. 

Anyway, thank anak Pak Man (if you actually read this, your last post moved me to write this). I'd do the 10 years thing.

Last but not least, the one I say about all those successful peoples and the interviewee expectation (that I say I don't want to answer nothing), fucked them. They are a good measure to make sure you are doing the right thing but live for yourself. Only achieve your own expectation.

Maybe I don't magically get up and about tomorrow, but, it's a start.

The fact that I am using a Supernatural gif means that I am somewhat feeling better now.

p/s: Sorry for all the "censored" words. Actually, I am still undecided whether to feel sorry or not.

Roll On : UKM Pharmacy Research Project (Part Two)

Jan 13, 2017

It took me almost a year to actually continue this topic into Part Two. I won the procrastination award but there aren't such thing because the one organizing it still procrastinating. Read Part One HERE.

First of all, my research topic is The Effect of Shared Decision Making on Medication Adherence, Treatment Satisfaction and Glycaemic Control of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patient in Pusat Perubatan Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. It is so long. So now you know what kind of business I have been doing if you need to ask anything.

My precious
For this post, I just want to point out some tips *cough* that may help you to do VIVA and data presentation better. It is just my two cents. I hated not being confident enough to state "Hey, these are some tips you could try" because I don't really feel like I am anyone to be giving tips. But alas, hey guys! These are some tips to help you with your VIVA and data presentation. Leave a say on how you think about the tips okay?


1. Don't be scared.

2. Don't be scared.

I just have to stress out that point first. It is not like I am fearless. I have my worries as well. It is a new thing, intimidating, we are outright going to be judged and all the wrong things is going to be dug out but it is important not to say it out loud. When we say it out loud, it is kinda emphasizing the fact unto ourselves and that is bad. This research has been a very long journey and this is judgment day. So why you need to scare yourselves when you got to be the bravest person ever. This is your baby, it deserves that your mental state at its' finest so that you can do justice during presenting it. Come on, it is your baby. You have already understood it by heart. Stop worrying so much.

3. Read a few examples.

The slides I mean. Since there is no specific format, you should try to read a few examples just to get a general idea. Moreover, different research has their own specificity. Be it different questionnaire format, different aspects measured, different statistical used, yada yada, there bound to have differences. So have a few more examples, see what made them differ and maybe you can even do a mix of few. You have to understand that most of those examples have been checked by the supervisors so trust that it is a good reference.

4. Just wreck it.

Time is your biggest issue now. You want to have your supervisor checked most of your work but they have their own business as well. If you are like me, I am a slowpoke. The best it to do a draft. Just wreck it quickly and revise it with your supervisor thoroughly.

5. Use the lecturers

Some of the lecturers are thrilled to help you. Use them! Get their insight, ask anything, ask everything! Don't be afraid to look stupid because from my experience, that has led me to understand better and thorough. I even practice my verbal presentation in front of my supervisor. It helps to build confidence and stuff.

6. Practice with friends

I am so grateful to be living in a house with the coolest persons ever. We practice with each other from the start of Salam until the final Thanks for a good number of times. It is important to practice verbally in front of others since this is really something new and only you knows it. The persons judging you rely heavily on your verbal presentation so make sure to talk it loud and clear. Not only that it is good to have your tongue familiar with all the terms and important findings, it also helps you to easily collect your thoughts during the Q&A session.

7. Memorize it

If you want to do "Excellent" you gotta memorize it. Try to memorize the speech of your data presentation. Try to memorize the important findings and trends. Try to memorize everything important about the statistical method you have used. If possible, try to also memorize the statistical method you don't use especially the ones you could also use but you don't. This is in case the lecturer asked, "Why your data has to be assessed this way instead of that way." This is important as those kind of questions would help to show that you know your stuff good.

8. Be part diplomatic, part defensive.

Of course, you have to defend your baby but one thing I observe is that some of us were being too defensive. It is important to have a strong stand to show to the examiner that you are not easily shaken. However, when we become too defensive, we fail to really understand the question asked since we got so worked out that we are right and the lecturers are wrong. So be diplomatic, hear them out and sort to make everyone happy.

I think that is all.

Don't get stress out. Easier said than done, but you gotta try to remind yourselves to not be too stress because sometime we just forgot.

Roll On: I am Better with Life's Regrets

Jan 12, 2017

How do you apply the learning from your regrets to your actions today?

I wanted to write more from the soul since my last update was sincerely a wake-up call. So here it is, busting deep into my mind to pry on such a magnetic topic. Here we are again with another topic from my very own writing challenge.

What is regret? Let's quote Wikipedia, shall we?

Regret is a negative conscious and emotional reaction to personal past acts and behaviors. Regret is often a feeling of sadnessshameembarrassmentdepressionannoyance, or guilt after one acts in a manner and later wishes not to have done so.

I don't do regret. I never regret anything. It is a bold statement, but I want that to be me. I have just lived for 23 years old. More things would happen and you guys might say I would surely have something to regret on then, but still, I don't want to regret a thing. I believe in Allah. I believe He had settled more than simply what my mistakes might show. I believe in not showing regrets because I want Him to know that I trust Him and that He would never do a wrong choice. Frankly speaking, that itself has given me a tremendous peace of mind. I believe in not regretting and just accepting as it would eventually be a cause for a better reward in the afterlife. I am flawed and that have led me to some dreadful choices.

I know I am made of imperfections, but I never regret them. 

I am proud for all those flaws!

I am flawed but made no regrets.

Over the years, I have realized I change. For the better part of me, I change, ever so slowly but yet a sure act. Splendidly, my flaws which some choose to regret over have led the most of my changes. It teaches me experiences and builds me strength. It showed me someone who I never thought I would be. Someone I needed to be. It gives me a better perspective on life and even made me believe in myself; body and soul.

There are some past acts and behaviors of mine that some might see it as things qualified to be regretting over. I think the biggest one should be regarding losing my mother. I know I should treat my mother better when she was alive. Show her that I love her so much and that no one can replace her. Talk more with her, hug her, smile to her, made her smile. There are tons of things but should I regret that I did not get to do all those things? No. The most important thing is that it has taught me to appreciate "the now" more than ever and always knows that every person has their own suffering. I now learned that the best way I could love her more is to pray for her and to improve myself so that I can become that "solehah" kid.

I have been into a terrible car accident and it was purely my mistake. I have been depressing over it and thought the worst out of me when my friends have always trusted me. I should drive slower, be patient, don't feel too pressured to show that I can drive better, should trust my instinct more yada yada. Name it all. There surely lots of reason to regret such that I can actually prevent that. But guess what, when Allah wills it, who am I to "prepare" to not letting it happen?

I always know I can get a good result if I study better. I should use my time wiser and push myself more. It is important since the good result can secure me better chances for a job. But here am I now, already graduated, with a so-so result. What can even happen if I regret that I am not that smart kid? That is kinda the ultimate question huh? Should I re-study? Hell NO. There are other things I can do now to help me than wasting my time on regrets.

Regrets took a lot. Not only your time but your passion, your willpower and most importantly, your trust towards yourself. All the "if" is just too much. So I choose not to regret but took action onto not letting it happen again. That those things happen because it has to happen to make me who I am today. A better person.

When you start looking over the regrets, you can see how much you can break and just how much you can push yourself. When you stop to look for regrets, you will see that you are your own master and fear would not dictate you anymore.

Roll On: That Cool Kid's Timeline Cover

Jan 10, 2017

Say whatever but having a cool picture for your timeline cover is an art.

But first, could you please vote on the poll I have made on the sidebar? Please? *insert puppy face here*

Okay, it's exaggerated but I liked a good timeline cover on my Facebook and Twitter. I even wonder if I could take my blog's header to make as my timeline cover. Of course I'll have it with the blog's link since, well, duh, traffic.

So, I though I'd share some I have found that I thought were cool. I'm not that cool kids but you get the point. I try to use some different websites so that you can have different choices.

Omg, I'm 23 years old and talking about timeline cover, I'm having a mid-mid life crisis.

1. Angry bird.

This is my cover right now. Purely because I am kinda pissy and the last animation movie I have watched is Angry Bird. It had gave me some good laughs. I don't remember where I actually got this since that link on the picture is non-existent.

2, Jurassic Park

I got this from Cover Junction. This website is quite nice. If you wanted the picture used as timeline cover, just click a button and presto! It's magical.

3. The ever awesome Barney Stinson.

He surely one of the reason that fuel my "passion" on me branding myself as awesome. I have also used this before because I am awesome and thoroughly enjoyed How I Met Your Mother. I am still pissed about the ending because Ted is such a wuss and Barney is simply awesome. He didn't deserve that! By the way, it is so trippy that I found different websites having their watermark on the same picture. Talk about plagiarism.

4. Handsome cat

No one can say no to feline. Not when a bad ass lion like this. I found it from a collection that I found on Facebook. It is actually a very good collection. Check out their photo album!

5. Galaxy.

I truly have a soft spot for galaxy related ones. I don't know. It just look so good. It wasn't even from a website hosting for timeline cover. I just Google "galaxy photography".

6. A sweet painting.

I'm not going to use it since it kinda cheesy but it surely a nice painting right? The website, Trendy Covers, also got a vast collection. Do check it out.

7. An award winning one.

Because come on, this selfie is genius. This is from a collection that has those specific made cover that need specific kind of profile picture to work. So, if you were feeling "adventure" and creative, check out the collection here and have a go! Ok. If you actually have one, I gotta see it.

So, which one do you like the best?

Roll On: Get to Know Me in 5 Songs.

Jan 9, 2017

I don't know why the spacing is like that, Just bear with it.

But first, do you mind answering the poll I have made on my sidebar? Pwetty please.

So, get this (read in Sam's voice), I am having an utter writer's block. I have been Googling writing prompts and even though the topics given were actually quite good, I just don't feel like it.
One of the prompts actually suggests blogging about daily activities. I mean guys, who care if I got a fish bone stuck on my tongue this morning? I am not the cast of Supernatural for heaven's sake.

But, I am itching to write so bad, so here it is. Five songs to know me better. Okay, the list will also include the one that I hate. It was not supposed to be the songs I like, but I want to introduce myself to you by songs.

1. Sunday Morning by Maroon 5

I can be fed up with the song or just don't feel like hearing it but somehow I still choose this song as my favorite. Why? I just don't know. I just don't. Maroon 5 is my favorite band if that explain stuff.
2. Flaws by Bastille
I have always loved the lyric in each of Bastille songs. Flaws was the first one that had me settled that Bastille is my new favorite band. The lyric is just so true and such a refreshing rhythm than those cheesy mainstream ones. I still like mainstream songs like those from The Chainsmokers and the ever coolest Bruno Mars. But Bastille was more human, I guess? Flaws' beat is also so fun.
3. Nyanyian Serambi by Ramli Sarip

You see, I have so very little knowledge on Malaysian songs. Like truly. I know quite a lot of English ones but I and Malaysian songs don't clicked. As simple as that. I am still much Malaysian. Anyway, when we were small, Walid have a cassette of Ramli Sarip, Jamal Abdillah, some rock bands and of course the family radio was always Sinar FM. So, I know some old songs and maybe this is due to how Nyanyian Serambi was practically my childhood that it is also a song that I like. Most importantly, Ramli Sarip rocks!

4. Haru Haru by Big Bang

Geez, is it weird if I only like some Kpop songs and simply sick with the majority of it? I'm not a full-blown K-pop fans. As I say before, I knew a lot of English songs. One of the reason is that we always switch to MTV channel. Back in those time, I think about four to five years back, there is no such thing as K-pop in MTV channel but Haru Haru was like such a hit song, I guess, that MTV actually played it. I remember feeling so weird out having a non-English song on MTV and how Big Bang was not the typical K-pop group. Even weirder, I like the song even though I don't even understand the title!

5. Bad Blood by Taylor Swifts.
I just can't stand Taylor Swifts. I don't like her song because I don't her. It is more to how she make songs about her ex's and how she was not to blame for. I admit that she is very talented and such a kind hearted person, YOU GO GIRL! But still, I can't like her songs. That Bad Blood song, rumored to be due to her "bad blood" with Katy Perry, and how she got so many singers to collaborate with her, like wth, are we five? Rather funnily, Bastille also has a song called Bad Blood but their version is more like "let's just get over this bad blood".

You are my problem.

There you have it. You see, don't care about me, but knowing this kind of things is really the essence of knowing a person. Have you read Little Prince? He said that we should know what a person like or fear, those kinds of things, because that what matters.

What songs would make me knows your better? Comment it!

Roll On: New Year, New Look.

Jan 4, 2017

Assalammualaikum and a very good day. As Sherlock have said in the newly aired Season 4, if it is a good day, have an ice lolly would ya?


Anyway, I am just finding petty excuses to update something because I'm just itching for it but don't really have a good topic in mind. I just have my blog re-design, yet again. It is a totally new look. I want to look more professional, like an actual website with actual blogger. Hence this theme. It is FREE. Check the credits to see where I got it. Do check out the social medias link there as well because it is freaking ah-mazing!

This responsive theme work magnificently on mobile devices and that alone made me so happy.

However, I have accidently deleted the recent post widget that has come along with this themes so I use a new one which I found HERE.

I have finally had my own blog list which is initially meant to be those segments I have won, but I've been lazy now so I add some blogs that I sincerely enjoy reading.

How is 2017 been so far? I got to go for another trip to Selangor this Friday. Already feeling the troublesomeness but nonetheless excited to meet my relatives there. We just met last Monday. Lulz.

But seriously, is this new look ok?

Roll On: New Year Present and DROP YOUR LINK SO I CAN VISIT!

Jan 3, 2017

It was 4 pm and I just had my coffee for the day.


I just realized that I actually won one of the segmen I have joined! I wasn't supposed to be updating anything now because I got tonnes things to do first but come on, I FREAKING WON ONE.

Thanks Cik La!

What a way to start this new year in my little blogging bubble.

Guess now I have a blog-list widget on my blog.

Oh, by the way, I'm serious, leave your blog's link so I can visit. Like NOW.

I am made of pure gratitude right now.

Everyone need to see a nice bouquet everyday because flower is bae~