Roll On: Me, in The Next 10 Years.

Jan 30, 2017

Dear diary,

Yeah, I'm so treating this blog as my personal diary.

Let start again.

Dear diary, after such a mind-blowing-heart-wrenching-soul-searching post that I wrote before, I am glad to tell, I am feeling a bit better today. Still a bit dysphoric but I was rather out and about. Tonight I put on some mask and properly clean my face so it really is a bit of a change. Yeah, my pimple scars are depressing but hey, one step at a time. This freaking Bio Oil needs some time and I just religiously wear it for about two weeks (kill me).

Since I am feeling better and had taken an hour nap after maghrib (I was so sleepy and the heavy rain was damn soothing) let's figure this out. I read this 10 years thing from Anwar Hadi's blog which you can check it out HERE. Basically, I just write what I want to be in 10 years to come and the main idea is to read it once a year. It was supposed to help me stay on the right path and be driven and stuff but Allah knows I'm not the most well-adjusted people in the world. Regardless, it wasn't really that hard and I'm a  bit curious as well. 

Let's try to sleep before 1 a.m. okay. Please.

So, I'll be 34 years old lah kan. I'm gonna do this in points.

  1. I got a good career. One that I would enjoy doing every single day. Yes, it can be stressful at times, I am allowed to feel totally done with it, but at the end of the day, I would always know that it is my passion.
  2. I am married. Like seriously, I want to be married before I reach 27 years old and have some children aswell. Maybe three, and no problem of all being boys.
  3. visit my father regularly. He is so well adjusted that he wouldn't be going to need any money from me insyaAllah and seriously, the best you can ever give your parents is your presence.
  4. I am still connected dearly to all my siblings. Growing up a bunch makes them my entire world and seeing how some family just drifted apart makes me a bit scared that we would also. simpangmalaikatpatpulohpat.
  5. I have a stable life in term of monetary. I have owned all the basics like a car and a house. Whatever happens, I need to have a house in my name. If say I have already had a home with my husband, but it wasn't in my name, I'd buy another one. Real estate investment things.
  6. I somewhat have a solid plan at least, on having my very own business. I don't really give a thought on the kind of business I want since I trust that in 10 years to come I will learn more on business niche and then I can decide.
  7. Devotedly offer myself to a charity, I have one in mind and I would want my husband to share the same dedication.
  8. Overall a better Muslim. Specifically, I have successfully made myself to stick to a set of ibadah.
  9. Being an avid reader. Books have become something great for me and I want to always have it.
  10. At least have visited another country once.

My wants seem altogether surreal but at the same time seems so basic? I don't really need to achieve all those bucket lists stuff. Just not my thing so with that, I have this 10 stuffs. 

Being adult is scary huh. It felt scary because I know what I want and I know that wasted time things and that kinda pressures me. I need to stop worrying unnecessarily.


Emm, what is the one thing you gotta have in the next 10 years?


  1. I got confiused when reading your sentence below. Could you please elaborate a bit of it to make me understand what you hv written.

    "This freaking Bio Oil needs some time and just religiously wear it for about two weeks (kill me)."

    Syabas for trying to put your idea in english. Reading and writing, like everything else, improve with practice. And, of course, if there is no reader, the writer becomes the reader.

    1. indeed, i always read back all my post. felt calming somehow to read "me". anyhow, i've re-read this post but didn't get the chance to edit, so sorry! it was missing and "I" before the word "religiously"

  2. wew.. Reading this made me wonder, how life could be in the next 10 years..

    1. you should totally try to write this as well!