Roll On: A Week In My Life

Feb 4, 2017

At first, I thought, well, no one would really care about what I do but then I remembered how I actually liked reading these kinds of post. Anyway, it would be a fun reading in about like 10 years to come. 

With that fella, let's get it started!

Just FYI, I'm staying home now, unemployed, waiting for the SPA interview.

and this was supposed to be published last Wednesday, but well.


Tuesday (24th January 2017)

It has been raining all day long. Like literally, from the morning until we sleep back at night. I woke up late that day, tidy up the house a bit and was just so lazy. I didn't even cook lunch. We took the car and pick up our sister from school and buy our lunch in a restaurant near our house. Nothing much happen.  Rains make a very dull day. Later in the evening, when the rain tone down a bit, we went out. I was seriously thinking it's going to stop but only to have more drizzles. Thank God, it was just drizzling or else I would be soaking wet since we were using the bike. I want to have potato wedges for dinner and my sister wanted a bread pudding. The pudding was a success complete with the custard sauce. Since it seems it would be raining for some time, we hung the clothes all around the house. It looked like a hippies house. Apart from that, I was also trying new traffic monitoring services for my blog which is StatCounter and Going Up. We'll see how it goes. I still use Google Analytics though.

It was purposely made to be burnt a little since I like to have it to be crispy on the outside.

Wednesday (25th January 2017)

True to my expectation, it does rain. Since I have hung the shirt the night before, it have dried and my morning filled with doing the laundry and folding clothes. Alhamdulillah, it stops for awhile which allow me to ride my bike to buy some groceries for lunch. I hate driving. I bought some pomfret (ikan bawal) and was going to roast it. Although the meat becomes marvelously succulent, we agree that we didn't like it not having the crispiness out from deep fried. I also buy some elastic band since some of our pants has become loose and went for some sewing frenzy as I dug some of the kids torn pants and sew it as well. I watch Into The Wild during folding clothes and sewing things. It was supposed to be the must watch movies before turning 30. It is about this guy going for a road trip without any money for two years! The finale of his trip is living in the utter wild of Alaska with wild plants and hunting for food. It is such a good movie! Maybe I would do a review.


In the evening, I hung out with my friends and we choose to went for Kopee Paste cafe since they have these dishes promotion for only RM5. It was to celebrate their two years anniversary. We also went for Teluk Batik. I'm not sure why we ended up there but we get some photos though. Nadia also went out with her friend and agreed to get some Chocolate Brulee cake that Secret Recipe was having a promotion on. Unfortunately, the cake has run out but we still get some Chocolate Indulgence instead. For dinner, I made those cheesy sauce to be eaten with the rest of the potato wedges. It was really a good day. Food is bae~

Thursday (26th January 2017)

We went to Jitra that day as we are going to pickup Muslim from school. We start at 7 am and reach there around 11 am. We have our breakfast at this restaurant before Changkat Jering's toll and lunch somewhere in Changkat Jering as well. We safely reach home around 4.30 pm. I drove! I have this paranoid of driving after going into a terrible accident and this is actually a very big achievement for me. I drove for about two hours and even though I was a bit at the edge, it was still a very pleasant experience. I don't even remember about the car accident. It didn't rain so much, only a bit drizzles two or three times but ended up quickly. Only when we reached Kampung Acheh that it starts to rain heavily but I didn't drive at that time. Sungai Perak water level up and spill over the mangrove forest nearby. It was such a sight. Funnily, it didn't rain nearing Sitiawan and there weren't any puddles so it must be not raining the whole day here. It is just a few kilometers apart!

At night, since Kopee Paste was still having the RM5 promotion, we have our dinner there. Nabila was in love with their chicken chop and was more in love with the fish and chips. The sloppy joe was good but a bit too plain.


Friday (27th January 2017) 

Today, Muslim asked for tom yam. Actually, I asked him because thinking on what to cook is damn annoying so every once in a while I'll ask my sisters what they want instead. I'll even made them decide when they simply respond to me with an "I don't really care". Since the other day, my friend was telling me that this Thailand tom yam paste that had been recently stock up in most of the market near us was actually good, I thought now is the perfect time to try it. I've seen it before and never buys it since it always in this big container. It wasn't really that good though. I put double the paste than the Adabi ones that I usually use. Maybe I was doing something wrong.

The kind of packages I always found. It's just recently I notice the start to sell it in smaller container.

Later in the afternoon, we went to Ayer Tawar since we need to buy a new car battery. Not only that, something is just wrong with Nadia's car and Walid suggest to have the car battery charged at the shop as well. Turns out it would took sometime for it to be fully charged (utter noob I am really) and the auntie there insist her to bring the car as she suspect it wasn't the battery at fault. Something about an autonator or alternator. The Chinese slang is strong with this one. So Nadia have it charged for a while and will ask Walid opinion and come back on Sunday if Walid agrees.

It was about 20 minutes before Asar when we were back home and I took the chance to teach Muslim on how to ride the bike. It is the one using clutch so we have to teach him from scratch. Nadia has thought him yesterday on the basic so I just sat on the backseat and make sure he could change the gear smoothly and have him comfortable on how the bike feels. He is a quick learner. Probably because he knew how to ride the normal ones already or just because he is a quick learner. Anyway, he just want to be able to ride the bike to go to surau and that is why I took that 20 minutes ASAP. It was frustrating seeing how much of a quick learner he is. I took lots of attempts to even pass gear one and not to mention how many long rides to have me familiar with the change of gear. Walid was honest to God shocked to notice that I have now know how to ride that thing.

Saturday (28th January 2017)

My relatives are coming from Puchong; two of my aunts, four of my cousins inwhich one of them is this cute little boy which is just so damn cute and another three kids which are my cousin children. My cousin also have a baby and she is just a beauty but was so small that I am still  so scared to hold her. But I manage to do it though so yay! The house were packed but everyone still choose to gather around in the living room and the kitchen. We were just that close.

I spend the morning managing all the laundry since it's raining for a few days now but we manage not to have any stacked laundry since yesterday and today wasn't having much rain. I went to buy groceries early and buy lots of fishes since they are going to have their lunch at our place. I made a curry and was honestly nervous since Mak Ngah kinda holds the gold standard of cooking in my family. Seriously, even my late Mak also learn to cook good curry from her since Mak wasn't accustomed to curry like Walid is. Mak Ngah told that my curry was good. Yeahhhhhhhhh.

Since everyone were a bit tired, most of us didn't do anything that night but not for me and two of my cousins. We love to hung out together so I asked if they wanted to go for the weekly night market here and this bundle shop which is having RM1 sale on kids clothes. We went together and I manage to get myself a beautiful wallet costing for only RM10! I think the shopkeeper want to finish up their stock and the purse that actually made me interested at the first place is the last one of such pattern. I buy some fruits and my cousins bought this cute turban for her baby. She has that weird habit for those kind of things for her baby. The food stalls close rather early so we went into Giant instead and bought some food for home. Later we went to the bundle shop and get some daily clothing for the kids. My cousin even found this cute dress for her baby and yes, it's only RM1.

sho cute!

Sunday (29th January 2017)

Customarily, my relatives first priority upon coming to our house is to visit Tok Long. Tok Long is an uncanny resemblance of my late grandfather from his dark skin to his tall figure. He is so tall. We decided to cook lunch and eat it at their homes. Walid wants Tok Long to have some jenahak and stuff. Angah  is the one who took them to the market as I need to go to the bank. Funnily, she forget that the usual shop we went, the one who befriended our family, has moved since he needed more space. Only after several hard look from Mak Ngah (since she always buy fishes from him as well when she visits us so she kinda now has know that this is the wrong shop) and Angah confusion on who the heck is this guy (there is actually a new guy) that Angah finally remember. That new guy have finished cleaning the guts so Mak Ngah just pay and buy the rest of the fishes she wants from the actual shop. If you ever comes to Manjung and want fresh fishes, there are some good spots and Walid always prefers this one, near the drainage system at Kampung Permatang.

We, by we I mean not including me, finished cooking at 12 pm and reached Tok Long house at 2 pm. A bit off schedule but it was good timing since my second cousin was having his fiancee over. He is such a great guy. I'm not sure how it happens but he took care of Tok Long since forever now. He practically sacrifice himself and his youth to take care of his grandfather and even with that, every time we ask him about how Tok Long has been doing, he always answer with a sincere smile. Her fiancee is so so so lucky. She was donning those tudung ustazah with an oversize jubah. I think ke has hit jackpot as well.

We headed home at 4 pm and went to Econsave first. One thing about Mak Ngah is that she loved to look around the market here and check out the price since she has her own stall so she was always extra alert on these kind of things. Sometime she'd buy some supplies from here. After our shopping, she decided to come back to Econsave before she heads home to get her some supplies.

In the meantime they were searching what to cook for dinner, I took Muslim on biscuits and snacks section and have him took some. He told me how his food stock finished this one time and he honest to God called for Walid to come over and buy some instead of buying it himself. I suspect he just don't want to go through the hassle. Walid only come to pick him up since it was nearing his holiday and he just settled with that. Stupid he is but I am a sucker for my my two boys so I just have him took some more  foods when I got the chance.

Monday (30th January 2017)

It was a public holiday and the cooking gas finish up. The regular guy wasn't picking up his phone and we literally call the customer service only to be told somewhere in Ayer Tawar maybe open. It was such a disaster really since we were planning to have a picnic at Teluk Batik. We went to just rolling around in the car searching for any shop that have cooking gas until I actually thought to ask the Whatsapp group filled with pakcik and makcik so surely they know some guys lah kan. True indeed, it settled within the next 15 minutes. The problem has been worried over two hours before. Regardless, we finally reach the beach around 11 am and the kids were playing in the sea while others just hanging around and eats and talk. I got ice-cream on bread as usual and coconut drinks. Good day.

We went home at 2 pm and even though everyone were taking naps, the kids were just so up and about. I'm not sleepy either so I watched Supernatural. It was the episode where Dean killed Hitler. Like literally, Supernatural has Hitler and Dean kills him. It was such a funny episode and even with Lucifer on the loose and Men of Letter London Chapterhouse was such a thread, it's fun to see how laid back this episode is. Watching Supernatural makes me happy.

Later in the evening I went out again with my cousin to Mr. DIY at Giant to find some stuff used for clogged drain. We found it and it cost RM9. I also found this cute moustache stickers that I thought would be great to cover the pen stain on my handphone case. It cost me only RM1.90 and I get five stickers. It didn't cover it that well but still looks good. My cousin get some stuff for the kids to play with. We also went for the night market at Kampung Dato' Seri Kamaruddin to buy some takoyaki but the shop close early as well. That takoyaki is actually quite nice than the other I have tried before. Nonetheless, I got some grilled corn, murtabak and chocolate sri kandus. Later that night we go for a fast food frenzy for dinner and the kids enjoys Trolls movie. The movie was quite nice.

Mak Ngah have rice with the chicken since she just have to have rice.

It cover most of the stain though.

Tuesday (31st January 2017)

My relatives were heading home that day. We, and yes that means not including me, cook and they went home around 11 am and only safely reached their destination at 6 pm since they love to do all kind of pit stops. Nadia's car have some problem so we went to borrow the jumper from Walid's friend but we can't get it started so we can't have it sent to the workshop. We asked Walid's friends to help us with the jumper since Nadia told me that there were some tricks to get the jumper work which is not like the usual ones we use to do. It ended up with Walid's friend fixing it for us. Changing the alternator and stuffs. The car work! 

Car alternator - use to charge the battery

I also went out to buy some groceries which is actually just a reason to buy coffee since we are out of coffee. I took Muslim as well since he want to have his jeans altered. Later after Zuhur I took Natrah out in search for her PBSM uniform. I went to five shops! Two of them close while the others either don't have it in her size or just don't have it in their stock. I also went to this shop that have a cute sling bag that I just love but after I bought it, the zip broke. BOTH OF IT. Alhamdulillah the girl refunded my money. Around 6 pm I was craving pisang goreng and decide to also bought ABC and like usual food made my day. After a few hectic days,we just have instant noodles for dinner. I spend some me time with my blogs at night and it was so calming somehow. I'm such a dork sometime.

That's a wrap! What a week really. Sadly, Nadia and Umi has also went back today as well. Guess, we would just buy our lunch today.



  1. so many things in a week hehe.
    i hope you get a good result for the SPA application!

    XX Atheera | XX

  2. Seriously that wallet cost rm10! it was so beautiful. I see you have a good quality time with family then. <3 have a great weekend ms pypa. ^^

    1. it is even more beautiful lah kan at rm10. i do and indeed have a nice weeked so thanks :)

  3. panjangnyaa weh. ahhahaa nanti aku sambung baca. ngantuk lah pulak. =D

    btw bleh tak nak tgok benda apa yg rm9 tuu?

    1. sorry, buang dah pon. but dia tak tulis pon apa ingredients nya. totally bukan acid for surelah.

  4. You've a beautiful week there as an unemployed.
    I'm only sit in front of my laptop every single day until I get hungry and go to the kitchen to get food. hahaha lifeless. That bread pudding looks kinda nice! do you eat that with custard? and good luck for the interview soon.

    1. lucky you not having to cook! we do eat it with custard and it was our first time eating it such way. it's really good. thanks for the wish :D