Roll On: Cooking Plan for The Whole Week

Feb 20, 2017


So, what's cooking?

It is so so sooooooooooooooooooooo hard to come up with what to cook so I thought I would plan ahead this time. The whole week menu starting from today. I'll be doing what-to-cook for lunch and dinner. Later, maybe I'd upload some pictures sort of tracking how the plan has been working for me.


Monday (20/2/2017)

-Lunch: Fish curry (ikan kembung),fried fish and stir fried kangkung
-Dinner: I'll cook the curry gravy in extra so it can be eaten at dinner and simply fry some more fish

Tuesday (21/2/2017)

-Lunch: Ikan kembung or ikan curut singgang (we actually got free fishes and I didn't know if the ikan kembung would finish so if it does finished, I'll use ikan curut instead), fired fish and stir fried okra.
-Lunch: Same like on Monday, extra singgang gravy and just fry some more fishes. 


-Lunch: Ikan tenggiri (we're still cooking the free fishes we got) masak cuka, fried fish and fresh cucumber.
-Dinner: Fried rice and fried fish.


-Lunch: Fried noodles with chicken and cabbages (if there are fishes left, I'll make laksa since the fishes would be too old and no one with ate it anymore)
-Dinner: Fried rice with chicken and beans. 


-Stuffed cencaru and stir fried beans
-Mee Bandung (my first time actually and I want to use meat)


-Lunch: Chicken tomyam (we are going to try the paste that my fried gave to me last Friday)
-Dinner: Lots of tomyam gravy so we can eat bihun tomyam.


-Lunch: Paprik (I've done it before but it didn't turn out like a real paprik) with some omelette
-Dinner: Roti telur

If I manage to cook all of this, this would be the first time in quite some time that I cook for the entire week without buying out. Lot's of trying out stuff. I want to try make my own burger with real patty of course. Maybe next week.

I really do felt bored with these recipes but truly, I'm quite blank.


  1. My cook of the week only yesterday, popiah cheese. haha. barely have time to cook since I've come home will be around 7pm. :3

    1. We have no one in the house to cook and I am not working so yeah, making sure my little sisters eats home cooked meals whenever I have the chance too.

  2. I had never heard of Ikan Curut before /noob.jpeg/

    Good luck!

    1. you might knew it as ikan sardin. some called ikan curut some called ikan sardin. I purposely used the word curut because I dont want people thinking I was cooking the canned sardines.

  3. Rajinnya masak!! Hari-hari pulak tu. Siqah weekend je. Itupun kalau tak kuar memana :D

    1. Banyak easy recipes nowadays. So if you want to try to cook on weekdays try to research on that. Cooking is fun really.

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