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Feb 25, 2017


I always feel gloomy and so not motivated when I'm having my period, like now, so let's just get straight to the point.


Geez, do I have accidentally chose an easy topic for today since I am super lazy. At my worst, I would be so bored but I can't even bring myself to watch any movies since I am that lazy to focus on anything. I'd scrolled 9gag and skipped the ones with long words.

But alas, today, I want to share something that made me excited and motivated - Zen life. Well, used too, not like now.

It's not like I'm being a Buddhist okay, it is just that some of the principles are great and it actually in tally with Muslim teachings. It's good to see from other perspective and notice the similarities.
I have these on my board at UKM and it has been so refreshing to read it again and again
I only stumbled upon this zen stuff when I accidentally read a blog called Zen Habits by Leo Babauta. It is so inspiring seeing how by setting his life into the right perspective has led him to pay all of him loans and generally having the best and satisfying life. He published two free e-books that I thought you all should read. I try to read few self-help books and went totally hopeless because I got bored damn easy. This book is light and quite short, so it suits me. It also quite interesting.

The first book called The Litle Book of Contentment. This book is rather unique as Leo asked those who read this book to read it in one sitting and with mindfulness on to change your bad habits. 

The second book called The One Skill which I print it! I read The Art of Letting Go via my smartphone and it was so not satisfying so once I knew about this new book, I quickly print it. 

The last e-book I want to share is a poetry ebook which I talked before as one of the means to improve my writing. I simply read a few of the poems and quickly fall in love. It is written by a blogger named Ally Mare and the book is called It's All About You

Click on the title to download the book.


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