Poem: High on words.

Nov 25, 2016

This is some things I come out with. Hope you'll enjoy. Don't mind the signature. All are mine.

Roll On: Aiken Moisturizer and why it is good for acne.

Nov 24, 2016

No, i'm not going to do in depth study about beauty stuff. I'm just sharing what I know now.

So, let's do this!

Aiken Moisturizer.

Bear in mind that I am the worst skincare person you want to really rely on experiences but fret not! Since we have learned thoroughly about skincare (during my degree in pharmacy) especially in this case, acne, my opinions here is of good value. Well, you know what, why don't you tell me?

As I say before HERE Aiken product is one of the cheap and natural product used for acne skin problem. You should check that link first to understand why I choose it. I didn't mention it earlier but I do like Aiken since it uses natural ingredient though it really does not mean any different.

Aiken main anti acne action, as I mention before, rely on the tea tree oil components. All Aiken product will have this compound and thus all product, for example the moisturizer, even initially just meant to moisturize has rev up to actually has some effect on acne also. Cool huh.

But, do you need it?

Living with others girls throughout my years in pharmacy and looking into tonnes of beauty blogger skincare routine I have a solid rule to do what works the best for you and screw everyone. Most of the girls there don't even care about other skin product except for face wash (do remember that we sweat a lot since this is Malaysia) while these beauty gurus need at least half hour per session (morning routine, night routine etc) to apply their beauty product. But it all worked. Minor differences but it all worked. 

There are a lot of factors to that. Just try to figure out what suit you and don't be pressure to get EVERYTHING.

There is really only one rule if you in dire need for moisturizer; if you have dry skin.

so, there is no white wall in my house.

As I say before, I do have dry skin. Not only that, since I tend to use tea tree oil on living pimples, it tends to dry the skin. With that, I wear this but not religiously since I always forget. I usually remember to wear it after I cleanse my face since it will get so dry. I also wear it before putting on foundation because the foundation worked better that way. 

How does it feel?

It really is a great touch. Since it is water base and really really light, it kind of soaked into your skin and makes it feel supple and hydrated. You know, like those "hada labo" commercial but the effect of like so healthy skin does not last forever. The skin is still hydrated but the glow would not show as much. Or maybe because I have dark skin. 

It has faint fragrance which is really soothing actually.

The cream is sort of translucent

I'm not sure if moisturizing skin itself is needed if you got acne but skin heals faster in moist surrounding so there is that. Although it felt like it soaked up into you skin, it does not really all soaked up. I can feel the slick-ish texture when I wash my face even after several hours.

Actual hada labo people

But oily skin need moisturizer as well. By providing enough hydration we like tell the brain that "the skin is not so dry now so maybe you can cut off the oil sebum ey mate". In long term it will reduces the oil secretion thus lessen the chances for acne. Though it is really some theory. I think it would be better to religiously clean the oil by wiping it and wash your face regularly with water. At least that is what all this kakak is telling me. I think we can settle in between by only wearing the moisturizer when you're going to sleep and keep on washing your face with water. Wiping the oil is important since when you always got oil on your face, more dirt can be trapped and that will lead to more acne.

Open the picture in new tab to see the ingredients

Btw, if you want to know other opinions I have regarding Aiken, just click the tag Aiken. I only have three posts so far.


Roll On: How to Put an Image in Text Gadget (Blogger)

Nov 22, 2016

I've applied jobs in two pharmacies here (since the pharmacies have some more branches around here as well, it is as if I apply for 5 different pharmacies). Just need to tell that.

Ok. I've been head over heels trying to put an image into the text gadget in the sidebar. As you can see in the text gadget in my sidebar, I've put some facts about me. I like it to be just words but recently I have wanted badly to put an image together with it hence the new one's with Dean Winchester image.

I'm not coding jedi or anything. I mainly get the pre-made coding, copy and paste.

But since I want to include the image together with the text, I've got to get the coding to preview an image from the image link which through dust and (dramatic sangat) I finally found it HERE. They have all kinds of coding.

To make it easier for you to understand and since I am a horrible explainer, read this sequence first so that the next part made sense.

  1. Blogger dashboard - Layout - Add a gadget - Text
  2. Paste the coding
  3. Change the caption, width, height and the image link
  4. Publish
  5. Voila

Same rules: Blogger dashboard - Layout - Add a gadget - Text

The codes is as follow, so just copy and paste it! (say if it didn't work, you can just copy from the link I give before).



<h2>Spectacular Mountain</h2>

<img src="pic_mountain.jpg" alt="Mountain View" style="width:304px;height:228px;">



From the code you can see that you can adjust the width and height of the picture. You have to try it a few times so that the picture would not appear smash or anything. At the pic_mountain.jpg you can change it to the link of the image you want. While the word Spectacular Mountain , you can change it if you want to put some caption or just delete it so it would appear blank like mine.

I made an example.
The one circled red is the caption that I wanted while
the highlighted words is where i'm going to put the link of the image

This is how it looked in the gadget after I put the codes and the link..
You won't see the codes anymore unless if you switch to Edit html mode.

REMEMBER to get the image link which ended with the usual picture format code like .jpg, .png .gif etc.
RESULT! okay, the word "TEST" is the gadget title while the word "BABE" is the caption I put.
The capital letter is automatic as according to my template coding.

Just to remind you again, I want the text and the image to be together in the same widget so that is why I do it like this instead of simply "Add an Image".

So, recap! I should do this in sequence but i'm too lazy to redo it. SORRY.

  1. Blogger dashboard - Layout - Add a gadget - Text
  2. Paste the coding
  3. Change the caption, width, height the image link
  4. Publish
  5. Voila

I need a work. 

Roll On: Aiken and my Acne

I've just noticed that some peoples found my blog to learn on my opinion regarding Aiken product.

I didn't do enough justice on the product review which I've done ages before (read it HERE). It worked at that time when my breakout was not as bad as when I started on isotretinoin.

Ok. Since i've studied about skin problems during my time in UKM, i'll try to get that input as well. This might help somehow to understand the product use better.

But, first of all, sorry! All the keywords used was actually in BM but this blog is in English and I don't want to change it really.

Aiken is a rather cheap drugstore product that I chose to start when I got this realization to get myself a good skincare routine. The products was mainly using tea tree oil which is a great natural sort of desiccant material, that help to dry out your pimple. It also has bactericidal activity (kill the bacteria on your skin, but not as strong as say, benzoyl peroxide). It is like those benzoyl peroxide cream but much more lighter and well, natural product.

Ok, just fyi, not all "natural product" is good. It simply meant the product was used whole, ie, all the tea tree oil component taken from living organisms (plant, microorganisms). Benzoyl peroxide is not natural because it is specifically an isolated chemical named benzoyl peroxide and it is made in the laboratory meaning they have this stuff and this stuff add those blahblahblah and eureka!

The Aiken product was meant for acne prone skin. That would mean the product has some sort of anti-acne activity which in this case by the use of tea tree oil.

Next, to be called as anti acne product, usually, the nature of the product will not be occlusize or blocking the pores. It would also meant non-oily or water based. Basically, the product was designed not to cause more acne breakout as clogged pores and oily faces tends to increase the chances for acne breakout.

I personally love this product. It works really well with my sensitive skin. It is very light in texture and for a girl who doesn't really used to have things on their faces, Aiken kind of felt natural. It also have faint sweet fragrance that I also grow to love.

To use any of this product, you must understand the type of skin you have. You may need to opt out some product or tone down the usage based on your skin. This is rather tricky. Due to my acne and well, oily face, I thought my skin was the oily type. Turns out it really is not. After taking isotretinoin and I have my acne cleared, I then realised I actually have dry skin.

Even now, I'm not using isotretinoin and have some breakout (it's kind if along story but rest assured that if you want to try isotretinoin I REALLY REALLY DO SUGGEST IT) even though i'm still having dry skin. Yeah, turns out i'm just prone to acne.

Fun fact!

When we have dry skin, the body react by producing more oil. This will make the skin, well, not dry. That is what happened to me. My sister got an actual check on her skin type and she was also like me. She thought her acne was due to her oil type skin.

Oil does cause acne breakout. But dry skin and oily skin would have different skincare routine.

So she changes her routine and it help!

Why this is important?

That particular point would help understand my opinions on three Aiken product i'll be reviewing: moisturiser, toner and tea tree oil. I'll also try to suggest what to do if you get either dry or oily skin.
However, I will not do it now because it would be another long essay.

I'll do it separately.

Care to wait?

Roll On: Get Inspired Everyday, Everytime with TED-dy

Nov 20, 2016

I am fairly sure the acronym TED is purposely made because of the word Teddy as if in Teddy Bear.

Well, of course not. Not when it actually stand for Technology, Entertainment and Design. TED talks is this conference where cool people of all sort of background shared about their idea, hence TED tagline, "Ideas Worth Spreading".

The first time I come across TED is because of this genius in beatbox-er named Tom Thum. Angah found out about him and showed me the video. At that time, she told me briefly about TED being this conference where people talk stuff. Like important and serious kind of stuff. For God sake, the sponsors were Rolex and BMW, those high end people. I was like "so stuck up peoples are there and this Tom Thum guys is going to beatbox?". He must be really really good, yeah, you can be good in beatbox, but how you're going to introduce it to this kind of crowd and what the heck you're going to present. Beatbox all the way? It is not a club. So I watched it.

I was making the right decision, he was good. 

click HERE

Basically, the peoples in TED are genuinely passionate about their work. But not only that, they need to be able to have good content and deliver it greatly. I always love to see how people are constantly in love with what they do. It made their presentation 10 times better.

I always believe to be with people who has achieved so that we always want to achieve. It is hard though. Mainly because, among my friend and I is that I noticed, we were always feel intimidated with successful peoples. We would feel small and anxious that we could never be like them. Instead of becoming motivated to find something we want to be great in, we would scoot away and sort of admire from afar such that we can only do that. 

We are not, you're awesome. Success is not fame and fortune. Success is being content.

Ok, that is so long and i'm not even close to what I want to write today. It was supposed to be a short introduction of what TED is and followed with REVIEWING TED APPS.

So good day, yada yada, today, I'm going to share with you about TED amazing app.

Having said how awesome TED is, it is getting better with TED app which made scrolling all the talks easier.

the playlist

This playlist is made by TED, not me. As you can see in the picture, they have all sort of talks and yeah, an hour and half is a loooooooooooooooooooooooooong way to go. Actually, it is the duration of all combined videos under the said topic (see those numbers on how many talks each topic has?).

Actually, the far left choice, before the Playlist choice, is the Home option. It would suggest videos that I might be interested in based on the video I have seen. I always like computers to suggest things for me since they always know me better.

But the coolest thing is that, even with the diverse topics, this app actually make it easier to find videos that you want by selecting certain topic and duration you want.

you can always just search anything that piqued your interest.

i would suggest to set the duration for at least 15 minutes because choosing shorted than that
will end up with small choices only.

The also have the list of all the speakers/performers who has delivered with the description of their career. Sometimes I'll go through the speakers names and choosing peoples based on their job. They can be all sort of jobs like Moustache Activist to Critical Thinker and the "mundane" ones like historian, architect, painter, journalist, lunch lady etc. It is not really jobs but some way to describe what kind of people they are. They even have kids which one of them described as being a Child Prodigy (i am reading An Abundance of Katherines right now so bless me because I actually knew this term upon reading this novel). 

All the videos has short but concise description so you can be sure if it is the
kind of video you want to watch. As you can see there, you can download it!

All videos has been captioned so no worries ey. Not only that, you can keep on scrolling the app and have the talk played in background. It does not play once you close the app though.

I am suggesting you guys to download this app and give it a go. Stop scrolling all those social medias for nothing and start feeding our minds with ideas. It doesn't have to be things you need, it is just simply understanding peoples around the globes and expand your mind. Like for example, this Benjamin Zander guy who has made me wanting badly to go to an orchestra even though I have very limited knowledge of classical music. He is just that good.

watch the video HERE

p/s: Did you know young Heath Ledger is simply a definition of heartthrob. You don't? You should really watch 10 Things About I hate About You.

Roll On: 7 Blogging Sins

Nov 15, 2016

#update: i have rechecked this post twice and there is still some stupid typos.

I would always have this thoughts/things I felt like "I totally need to write that out" and do mind that I was all kind of excited. Then, when I am actually going to write anything, I just don't. Like now.

I don't know.

Sometimes the idea don't felt that much exciting when I am on to it deeper.
Sometimes I just don't know how to carefully phrase it.
Sometimes it kind of felt too much work and I just don't know how to start
or do I really need to start?
Sometimes I was like ok, good topic, but what is the points I can talk on?

Like now. I am suppose to write 7 Blogging Sins which I found so very interesting thing to write. I read it this morning at this newly found cool blog by Zety.

So............................................. I think I have found my first sin then.

#1: I can't sort my mind properly to write properly.

Btw, I don't understand completely by word this blogging sins concept but I kind of have a good understanding by heart of it, (after reading a few more blog writing it out) so, yeah, there is always that.

oh. I realized my second sin.

#2: I don't have a specific niche

I don't know what am I in this blogging world. I don't have a specific niche. It's kind of just me and my silly mind.

I started blogging since 2010. Many bloggers started out that time has been flooded with thousands of followers and then there is me. I am fairly confident that I made myself a blog because everyone does though among all of my friends, I am the only one actually have a blog that time. 

Wth me. 

I've be through multiple hiatus. Changes my writing style a few times. Changes my blog layout some more. Even the link has been changed a few times. Made some blogger friends. Lost everyone though. It kind of a blurry "friendship". Legitly made some sort of blogger/vloggers group which I think I have deleted it since it is more quite than a cemetery at the middle of the night. 

naturally I remembered the digging graves scenes in Supernatural. source.

I just recently made my mind that this current blogging style I have is the kind of blogger I want to be. Whatever it is though because I don't have any specificity except for randomness. I writes about my life mostly though God knows no one care. It is more like opinion based and mind thinking stuff. I love thoughts and understand peoples opinions and I can't found these kind of blogger much. Please don't tell me that I am the only one here with this kind of mentality because I have been Googling but not finding much. I was also looking for those Malaysia based blog written in English since Malaysian writes in English has 50% higher chances to actually be the kind of blogger I want to know. 

I am fairly confident everyone is confuse by my statement now but anywayyyyyyy

But this morning I have found some like SPITOUTKATA and Erin Azmir which I enjoyed reading. 


There is hope fellas.

#3: I hate rechecking and correcting

Grammar mistake, typos and weird construct of sentence is bound to happen in every updates I have in my blog but I am so reluctant to fix it. I am just lazy. That is all to it.

But I do it sometime, bless me.

Thank for Blogger app, the job is easier now. 

#4: I rarely almost to never really plan anything to write

I do. I truly lived writing-from-my-heart craps and stuff. The last time I actually planned my writing is the review I made of my smartphone which actually as far a screenshots the things I think I need to show. I go through my smartphone searching for reasonable stuff needed to be shown so that I can do a good review. That only took few minutes and then when I start to type it was still so randomly done. But I got all the important things so there is always that. 

Not to mention it will always makes me writes too much afterward. It is like that one person who talk a lot and start to talk about other random things and thus lost from the actual topic. It lack of plot and arrangement so that the reader can understand better. I might actually ended up with no real things actually worth anyone time. It have so many drawbacks but I kept on doing it anyway.

I was going to make an actual edit of this but it didn't work out, so here it is. Enjoy a Misha Collins folk.

#5: I have this stupid Americans accent

I seriously have this itch that the way I write is like some Americans way of talking because all my English is due to Americans TV dramas, books, songs and movies. Do I? It made me feel like I was trying to be someone else.

It bugs me to no end when I keep on using terms like "really" "stuff" "omg" "like" "some" "things" "sort of".

A very bad case of poor vocabulary

#6: Do I offend you? Because I don't really care but I kind of actually care.

This is a serious issue of a love/hate relationship. As I say before, I'm writing from my mind. My own little say in this whole wide world. My opinions changes. This blog is how I kept track of my growth.

Somehow, upon writing, I tend to tweak the point to make it bearable for all kind of sentiment ie: being a Malaysian and exposed to westerner. 

* Okay, if anyone not Malaysian here, Malaysian literally named the Americans the westerner. It is like how you thought all asian eat rice though most of us does not have squinty eye *

It's quite pathetic, I must say, to care so much what others think because first, no one really care/read my blog and second, it kind of made me look like lalang. I want to be of my own opinion with my own say and no one to shake me unless they proven me wrong. I accept everyone was of thinking, there is this say, to hate the deeds but not the one who does it. It made sense right. I mean, I am Muslim. The whole world against us, my prophet Muhammad are made fun of and I am waiting for our turn to get killed here. I am scared but I don't hate those peoples. They just don't understand

But, I hate Trump. So so much. 

#7: Supernatural too much. (the bold option in this Blogger app is gone)

I am not feeling guilty for all Supernatural reference I made and the occasional random picture of these guys. I don't. Their picture can be out of context so I am sorry, oh wait, I really don't.  

* * *

If  I do this last two years, the last sin would be being self centeredness. One of my friend actually laughed my blog from being perasan since I always talked about myself. Last two years in FFAR is hard and this blog had help me sort my mind and writing really help me so much. I kind of accept that and not feeling sinful at all.

So there is always that.

Hugs and kisses.

p/s: ever heard of the joke how expensive "rescuing" Matt Damon is (Saving Private Ryan, The Martian). I just watched Saving Private Ryan, GREAT MOVIE. Damn Matt Damon is so high maintenance Tom Hanks has to die for him. Urghhh.

Roll On: What is Redmi 1S and Redmi 2S? (a review)

Nov 12, 2016


Do notice that Redmi 1S might still be available somewhere but even so it was so outdated. Xiaomi has come out with newer version which cost a bit more but totally worth it.

I love my smartphone. When I want to get myself a smartphone, I've always know what I want from it and of course the tight budget I could spend on one. When I found out about Redmi 1S, I knew I hit jackpot. It does much of what I want and only cost me RM300!

This episode was hilarious!

You see, being a student, we always quite creative on trying to find that one affordable and good smartphone. We start to learn about other not so mainstream brand especially Lenovo which always with the cheapest smartphone. Guess what, mine is cheaper. At some point it was better.

Xiaomi wasn't that much known since at that time (around 2 to 3 years back), there wasn't any official local Xiaomi dealer and you can only get it from third party peeps. The most trustworthy one is Lazada. I got mine, online, from Directd. I got only the smartphone and charger. It was so not Malaysian that the charger were using those two flat pins instead of the three cylinder pins that Malaysia have. I need to buy my own adapter for heaven sake! 

But before that, get this, this friend of mine got two smartphones. One time, my drinking water was spilling out and I didn't notice it until my bag got drenched and by then my Redmi 1S was soaked. It died. So she lend me her other smartphone which she just recently bought upon my recommendation, the Redmi 2S. I was using Redmi 2S for almost two months before my Redmi 1S suddenly revive itself.

Yes, Redmi 1S, cheap and apparently could revive from death.

So Red in Mandarin is Hong, hence the other name Hongmi 1S.

Redmi 1S uses Jelly Bean and I can't get any updates. There are some ways to get like KitKat if i'm not mistaken but I don't dare to do it really. Plus, the RAM would still be 1GB so I'm playing it safe. I don't really get affected not having advanced android version as well. Internal memory was only at 8GB but come on, I don't understand why people need so much space. I don't keep videos though but almost a hundred Boomerang videos. Pictures, well, more. Apart from having a habit to download pictures that I like from 9GAG and Facebook, I was also being a Supernatural fan; I keep lots of pictures. But hey, I still have another 2GB. I also have 100++ songs before I downloaded three album into my handphone but that was on my external memory. If you don't have enough space, just slot in bigger memory card.

How the Gallery looks like. Quite Supernatural isn't it.

No matter how many stuff I have on my Redmi 1S, it does not lag. Some of my friend claimed that their smartphone was lagging and it improved when the deleted their pictures or so. I think it were Sony, Lenovo and Samsung model. I don't understand why since it wasn't like the pictures was on their RAM or anything.I am SO not saying those brands were bad, it was just some of their cheaper and not so good model. I WOULD LOVE SAMSUNG EDGE, LOVE ME SOME EDGE.

In comparison, Redmi 2S uses KitKat. It have two versions which one have the same RAM and internal memory as Redmi 2S while the other version have 2GB RAM and 16GB internal memory. I've used the 2GB RAM version.

1GB or 2GB RAM? 

2GB was so good it felt like I am Superman. Of course it is since it has more RAM hence cost more. But, the thing is, like any other smartphone, there are some of the can't-be-uninstall-stuffs-that-the-developer-put-but-we-never-need which leads to the lagging that I've experienced with Redmi 1S. After got it rooted, I can remove some of the things and even change some of the application to a better ones and it really does improve a lot. It was initially done to cope the heating issue the Redmi 1S have. It heat up easily and most of the opinions includes to have the it rooted first in order to improve the problem. You can simply Google it. It doesn't heat up nowadays and working fairly smooth. Below were the applications I currently have on my Redmi 1S.

I could scroll Instagram forever smoothly and I don't think it has ever crashed

I do use Chrome before but it was too much so I change it to Browser.

There are two other application: Youtube (38.5MB) and Yoga Fitness (14MB)

The most annoying thing is that Google was awesome but I can't use Chrome since it always crashed. Apart from having 1GB RAM only, it was also due to Redmi 1S can't get a stable connection with 3G network. The best I can get is H+. My apologies if the terminologies are wrong but you got what I mean. But I think the biggest culprit was the 1GB RAM since even when Redmi 2S on H+ connection, it still can surf Chrome smoothly. Redmi 2S always got 3G connection. 

It turned out that even though Redmi 1S supposedly support 3G network, it can't like hold it firmly. I only got 3G connection once for literally few seconds in the middle on nowhere. Malaysia didn't have the best internet coverage service so maybe at better places it could actually work. I studied in Kuala Lumpur and still never got 3G connection on Redmi 1S. I use Umobile (because I'm cheap and I live in places that got good Umobile coverage) and even when I literally besides the billboard saying Umobile3G connection blahblahblah I still can't get 3G connection.

My browser application named Browser. Browser still crashed though. Pfft.

Some tips, applications like Youtube, Instagram and Twitter are stable. It might be due to their developers awesome work. If I want to do any search, I'll try these fellas first and only then resorted for Browser.


Moving on! Most smartphone have like Home button which will leads to all other applications they have and only have those widget and chosen thingy to put on the front display. Well, there is none of that on Xiaomi smartphone. Basically, you switch it on and slides the screen and all of the application are there. The Home button will take you to the first page (idk what better way to call it, lulz). You can still have widgets and folders. At first I thought it was weird and so not cool until I learn that I can so personalize my phone better this way.

I put pictures and can like mess around with the applications arrangement

I kept some not so popularly used applications into folders

I have just changed my theme. In Xiaomi smartphone, they have their own library of themes that you can download. Some were free, some have to be paid first. Their collection was massive and they got so many different type of themes. It was simpler since you didn't need a third party to have those cool themes. Even though the themes was originally made in Mandarin, it does change to English since that is what my smartphone preference is. But, there are few things that does not change and usually it was the date part on the clock or screen lock. Since I always check my smartphone for date, it bothers me so much. Apart from that, due to 1GB RAM, I can't use heavy themes or else it will keep changing back to to system theme. I don't really care much since I always like basic kind of themes.

So many choices!

See what I meant with the date?
I need to use Titanium (my rooting application) to delete the downloaded themes which I have deleted. Urghh.

My current theme have a very cool screen lock

How about camera? Both Redmi 1S and Redmi 2S have 8mp camera while Redmi 2S have slightly better front camera (2MP VS 1.6MP). It could get decent pictures but Redmi 1S somehow have better light balance while Redmi 2S can snap quicker (lulz, what ever that suppose to mean. i think it was the ISO thingy. basically i meant to say it can still get good picture when the person have change poseor was moving, while in Redmi 1S you need to hold still for like 2 seconds). Due to the light balance issue, Redmi 2S can only snap good pictures under good light. But that also got light balance weird like one side a bit darker since shadow but wth so dark though. 

My i'm exagerrating. There is some pictures i'll show you so you could understand. or actually be bothered like me. Haha.

Since Redmi 2S is using Kitkat, it has this knob that allow it to adjust light and can tap the screen to shot. Redmi 1S can't do that. I don't remember if Redmi 2S have timer because Redmi 1S does not have one. I don't know how exactly but at some part Redmi 2S got better pictures while other part Redmi 1S got better pictures. Anywho, I liked Redmi 1S picture more. Redmi 2S totally blow me when the night picture was just dark.

Le lights

Redmi 2S: This lighting was quite the same as the picture below

Redmi 1S: This lighting was quite the same as the picture above.

Le outdoor pictures Redmi 2S

The pictures were great under good lighting. See what I meant with light balance? Look at this gorgeous girl and compare with the surrounding.

Le outdoor pictures Redmi 1S

The picture was taken from a moving car.

Very sunny day hence better picture.

Inside the famous Line Clear Nasi Kandar at Penang

There are more to tell!

So, Oppo was making this other account thingy whereby we can hide some applications so like others can't see it like the different account (user vs guest) in Windows? Guess what, Redmi 1S got that. It has the Guest mode which you can switch to it before giving your highly secret Redmi 1S to others. It hides messages, notes, pictures and incoming calls. Not only that, they have build in attribute that allow us to lock application whereby you need to know the password before using the said application. It can block calls and messages which I think most smartphone can do but I like to highlight it because my previous Samsung Galaxy Ace couldn't do that.

They also got that Drive mode but I never use it.

They used those draw pattern password

Ok. One most important thing and major drawback of Redmi 1S is that it drains the battery so quick. It even drain the battery when nothing was used and yes, i even switch off my data network/wifi connection. Just imagine how annoyed I am when in the morning I woke up my Redmi 1S died. DEAD.

The rooting I mention before was also to improve the battery performance. Initially, I need to use Greenify to get better battery lifespan. I don't use it now and for some reason the battery lifespan was still the same (meaning as if I was using Greenify which givs me good battery lifespan). Even so, if I use the internet heavily, it will quickly drawn for about an hour or so. If like during my days I got classses which I got to go online for awhile, couples of times a day (check my Whatsapp or Facebook or Google some  stuff), it could last for at least until I went back to hostel which is around 5pm.

Even though it does improve, it wasn't enough since the main issue is that I use more internet when I got for a trip or something (took picture, check Maps, order GrabTaxi/GrabCar etc etc). I do have powerbank (20k mAh now eat that!) but it was still so very annoying. Until, this Youtube fella was like, "the battery is external, just get another one". Genius! To top that off, Xiaomi actually has this charger that charge the battery externally. Now my smartphone has never got any low-battery-quick-give-me-powerbank issue.

Redmi 2S got better battery lifespan. It could last for whole day with medium use and up to two days with light use. I didn't have to root the Redmi 2S as it does not has heating issue as well. 

The external charger. My sister actually attached the USB cable to our home PC and thus has never need to share the one charger that we have. 

It has its' own RAM cleaner which can be easily accessed by holding the Home button.

Redmi 1S

Redmi 1S is bulkier and bigger than Redmi 2S.