Roll On: 7 Blogging Sins

Nov 15, 2016

#update: i have rechecked this post twice and there is still some stupid typos.

I would always have this thoughts/things I felt like "I totally need to write that out" and do mind that I was all kind of excited. Then, when I am actually going to write anything, I just don't. Like now.

I don't know.

Sometimes the idea don't felt that much exciting when I am on to it deeper.
Sometimes I just don't know how to carefully phrase it.
Sometimes it kind of felt too much work and I just don't know how to start
or do I really need to start?
Sometimes I was like ok, good topic, but what is the points I can talk on?

Like now. I am suppose to write 7 Blogging Sins which I found so very interesting thing to write. I read it this morning at this newly found cool blog by Zety.

So............................................. I think I have found my first sin then.

#1: I can't sort my mind properly to write properly.

Btw, I don't understand completely by word this blogging sins concept but I kind of have a good understanding by heart of it, (after reading a few more blog writing it out) so, yeah, there is always that.

oh. I realized my second sin.

#2: I don't have a specific niche

I don't know what am I in this blogging world. I don't have a specific niche. It's kind of just me and my silly mind.

I started blogging since 2010. Many bloggers started out that time has been flooded with thousands of followers and then there is me. I am fairly confident that I made myself a blog because everyone does though among all of my friends, I am the only one actually have a blog that time. 

Wth me. 

I've be through multiple hiatus. Changes my writing style a few times. Changes my blog layout some more. Even the link has been changed a few times. Made some blogger friends. Lost everyone though. It kind of a blurry "friendship". Legitly made some sort of blogger/vloggers group which I think I have deleted it since it is more quite than a cemetery at the middle of the night. 

naturally I remembered the digging graves scenes in Supernatural. source.

I just recently made my mind that this current blogging style I have is the kind of blogger I want to be. Whatever it is though because I don't have any specificity except for randomness. I writes about my life mostly though God knows no one care. It is more like opinion based and mind thinking stuff. I love thoughts and understand peoples opinions and I can't found these kind of blogger much. Please don't tell me that I am the only one here with this kind of mentality because I have been Googling but not finding much. I was also looking for those Malaysia based blog written in English since Malaysian writes in English has 50% higher chances to actually be the kind of blogger I want to know. 

I am fairly confident everyone is confuse by my statement now but anywayyyyyyy

But this morning I have found some like SPITOUTKATA and Erin Azmir which I enjoyed reading. 


There is hope fellas.

#3: I hate rechecking and correcting

Grammar mistake, typos and weird construct of sentence is bound to happen in every updates I have in my blog but I am so reluctant to fix it. I am just lazy. That is all to it.

But I do it sometime, bless me.

Thank for Blogger app, the job is easier now. 

#4: I rarely almost to never really plan anything to write

I do. I truly lived writing-from-my-heart craps and stuff. The last time I actually planned my writing is the review I made of my smartphone which actually as far a screenshots the things I think I need to show. I go through my smartphone searching for reasonable stuff needed to be shown so that I can do a good review. That only took few minutes and then when I start to type it was still so randomly done. But I got all the important things so there is always that. 

Not to mention it will always makes me writes too much afterward. It is like that one person who talk a lot and start to talk about other random things and thus lost from the actual topic. It lack of plot and arrangement so that the reader can understand better. I might actually ended up with no real things actually worth anyone time. It have so many drawbacks but I kept on doing it anyway.

I was going to make an actual edit of this but it didn't work out, so here it is. Enjoy a Misha Collins folk.

#5: I have this stupid Americans accent

I seriously have this itch that the way I write is like some Americans way of talking because all my English is due to Americans TV dramas, books, songs and movies. Do I? It made me feel like I was trying to be someone else.

It bugs me to no end when I keep on using terms like "really" "stuff" "omg" "like" "some" "things" "sort of".

A very bad case of poor vocabulary

#6: Do I offend you? Because I don't really care but I kind of actually care.

This is a serious issue of a love/hate relationship. As I say before, I'm writing from my mind. My own little say in this whole wide world. My opinions changes. This blog is how I kept track of my growth.

Somehow, upon writing, I tend to tweak the point to make it bearable for all kind of sentiment ie: being a Malaysian and exposed to westerner. 

* Okay, if anyone not Malaysian here, Malaysian literally named the Americans the westerner. It is like how you thought all asian eat rice though most of us does not have squinty eye *

It's quite pathetic, I must say, to care so much what others think because first, no one really care/read my blog and second, it kind of made me look like lalang. I want to be of my own opinion with my own say and no one to shake me unless they proven me wrong. I accept everyone was of thinking, there is this say, to hate the deeds but not the one who does it. It made sense right. I mean, I am Muslim. The whole world against us, my prophet Muhammad are made fun of and I am waiting for our turn to get killed here. I am scared but I don't hate those peoples. They just don't understand

But, I hate Trump. So so much. 

#7: Supernatural too much. (the bold option in this Blogger app is gone)

I am not feeling guilty for all Supernatural reference I made and the occasional random picture of these guys. I don't. Their picture can be out of context so I am sorry, oh wait, I really don't.  

* * *

If  I do this last two years, the last sin would be being self centeredness. One of my friend actually laughed my blog from being perasan since I always talked about myself. Last two years in FFAR is hard and this blog had help me sort my mind and writing really help me so much. I kind of accept that and not feeling sinful at all.

So there is always that.

Hugs and kisses.

p/s: ever heard of the joke how expensive "rescuing" Matt Damon is (Saving Private Ryan, The Martian). I just watched Saving Private Ryan, GREAT MOVIE. Damn Matt Damon is so high maintenance Tom Hanks has to die for him. Urghhh.


  1. First of all, thx so much for backlinked my blog.

    Second, I enjoyed reading your blogging sins.

    Its kinda true about blurry bloggership... Its proven when we on hiatus... But nwm lol

    Indeed! What we write is just like 20% of what we think..its always deficult for me to put my thoughts in words too! So O can relate to yours.

    Sins no #3 & #4 are really me! Lol.

    1. it made me all fuzzy and happy that you like to read this post. i like to share things like good blogs so naturally i just do it sort of unconsciously but yeah, you are very much welcome.

  2. I can relate to no5. Since English is not our first language our vocabulary is limited thus we ended up using lots of omg

    1. safely speaking, i think even those people who have english as the native language have the same issue. lulz.


    btw salam kenal :)

    1. hahaha, sorry not sorry, ok jahatnya. nut hopefully boleh faham ehhhh. wasalamm