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A good blog should have this "About Me" page so here I am, trying to be a better blogger. 

My name is Nurul Afifah and I used to work as a Pharmacist in a government hospital but now I am working in a community pharmacy which makes me a Community Pharmacist. Apart from the usual "chief complaints" from the community, making sure I actually make a profit and trying to learn more, I am just a regular girl that got bored easily.

I started blogging when I was 17 and it has been an on/off thing but somehow, here I am still. I love to write and settled to write in English because apparently, I thought I would express myself better even though my native language is Bahasa Malaysia. You would see me writing all sorts of things but mostly it would be purely from my own piece of mind experiencing the whole wide world. This blog is my canvas. 

I changed the blog's name to Crack Culture as of 2019 and if you guys think it is a clever name to show that I live freely, well that does sound cool. But it is mostly about living your life as if you're on crack. But like not wasted you know?

If you scroll to the "Categories" part, you can get the general idea of what I have in plate. Apart from the customary sharing of my blogging experience and pharmacy-related stuff, I now have five (5) main projects on this blog. Those are ;

  1. 2019 - basically my journey through 2019 that hopefully will make me achieve my New Year Resolution
  2. Eating Manjung - me eating around Manjung and doing a review.
  3. My Poem and Short story (my official poems update is on my poetry account though - Instagram based).
  4. Some kind of a novel that I am still currently writing (had long been put away, geez).
  5. It Has Been Series - which is basically my updates about PRP-ship

I am generally a dork battling with acne with borderline antisocial lifestyle yet I think too much but care too little. What excites you?

Twitter @afifaheomuk // Instagram (poetry) @afifahwrites 

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