Roll On: That Cool Kid's Timeline Cover

Jan 10, 2017

Say whatever but having a cool picture for your timeline cover is an art.

But first, could you please vote on the poll I have made on the sidebar? Please? *insert puppy face here*

Okay, it's exaggerated but I liked a good timeline cover on my Facebook and Twitter. I even wonder if I could take my blog's header to make as my timeline cover. Of course I'll have it with the blog's link since, well, duh, traffic.

So, I though I'd share some I have found that I thought were cool. I'm not that cool kids but you get the point. I try to use some different websites so that you can have different choices.

Omg, I'm 23 years old and talking about timeline cover, I'm having a mid-mid life crisis.

1. Angry bird.

This is my cover right now. Purely because I am kinda pissy and the last animation movie I have watched is Angry Bird. It had gave me some good laughs. I don't remember where I actually got this since that link on the picture is non-existent.

2, Jurassic Park

I got this from Cover Junction. This website is quite nice. If you wanted the picture used as timeline cover, just click a button and presto! It's magical.

3. The ever awesome Barney Stinson.

He surely one of the reason that fuel my "passion" on me branding myself as awesome. I have also used this before because I am awesome and thoroughly enjoyed How I Met Your Mother. I am still pissed about the ending because Ted is such a wuss and Barney is simply awesome. He didn't deserve that! By the way, it is so trippy that I found different websites having their watermark on the same picture. Talk about plagiarism.

4. Handsome cat

No one can say no to feline. Not when a bad ass lion like this. I found it from a collection that I found on Facebook. It is actually a very good collection. Check out their photo album!

5. Galaxy.

I truly have a soft spot for galaxy related ones. I don't know. It just look so good. It wasn't even from a website hosting for timeline cover. I just Google "galaxy photography".

6. A sweet painting.

I'm not going to use it since it kinda cheesy but it surely a nice painting right? The website, Trendy Covers, also got a vast collection. Do check it out.

7. An award winning one.

Because come on, this selfie is genius. This is from a collection that has those specific made cover that need specific kind of profile picture to work. So, if you were feeling "adventure" and creative, check out the collection here and have a go! Ok. If you actually have one, I gotta see it.

So, which one do you like the best?


  1. The painting tu serius lawa!!!!

  2. OMG I love HIMYM too! It was used to be my obsession. and totally agree with you didnt like the end as well thus the reason why I dont watch it too. Fatal breakdown by the end. :3 hmmph.

    1. heartbreaking kan! i've been so loyal to you but you gimme this whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.