Roll On: Get to Know Me in 5 Songs.

Jan 9, 2017

I don't know why the spacing is like that, Just bear with it.

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So, get this (read in Sam's voice), I am having an utter writer's block. I have been Googling writing prompts and even though the topics given were actually quite good, I just don't feel like it.
One of the prompts actually suggests blogging about daily activities. I mean guys, who care if I got a fish bone stuck on my tongue this morning? I am not the cast of Supernatural for heaven's sake.

But, I am itching to write so bad, so here it is. Five songs to know me better. Okay, the list will also include the one that I hate. It was not supposed to be the songs I like, but I want to introduce myself to you by songs.

1. Sunday Morning by Maroon 5

I can be fed up with the song or just don't feel like hearing it but somehow I still choose this song as my favorite. Why? I just don't know. I just don't. Maroon 5 is my favorite band if that explain stuff.
2. Flaws by Bastille
I have always loved the lyric in each of Bastille songs. Flaws was the first one that had me settled that Bastille is my new favorite band. The lyric is just so true and such a refreshing rhythm than those cheesy mainstream ones. I still like mainstream songs like those from The Chainsmokers and the ever coolest Bruno Mars. But Bastille was more human, I guess? Flaws' beat is also so fun.
3. Nyanyian Serambi by Ramli Sarip

You see, I have so very little knowledge on Malaysian songs. Like truly. I know quite a lot of English ones but I and Malaysian songs don't clicked. As simple as that. I am still much Malaysian. Anyway, when we were small, Walid have a cassette of Ramli Sarip, Jamal Abdillah, some rock bands and of course the family radio was always Sinar FM. So, I know some old songs and maybe this is due to how Nyanyian Serambi was practically my childhood that it is also a song that I like. Most importantly, Ramli Sarip rocks!

4. Haru Haru by Big Bang

Geez, is it weird if I only like some Kpop songs and simply sick with the majority of it? I'm not a full-blown K-pop fans. As I say before, I knew a lot of English songs. One of the reason is that we always switch to MTV channel. Back in those time, I think about four to five years back, there is no such thing as K-pop in MTV channel but Haru Haru was like such a hit song, I guess, that MTV actually played it. I remember feeling so weird out having a non-English song on MTV and how Big Bang was not the typical K-pop group. Even weirder, I like the song even though I don't even understand the title!

5. Bad Blood by Taylor Swifts.
I just can't stand Taylor Swifts. I don't like her song because I don't her. It is more to how she make songs about her ex's and how she was not to blame for. I admit that she is very talented and such a kind hearted person, YOU GO GIRL! But still, I can't like her songs. That Bad Blood song, rumored to be due to her "bad blood" with Katy Perry, and how she got so many singers to collaborate with her, like wth, are we five? Rather funnily, Bastille also has a song called Bad Blood but their version is more like "let's just get over this bad blood".

You are my problem.

There you have it. You see, don't care about me, but knowing this kind of things is really the essence of knowing a person. Have you read Little Prince? He said that we should know what a person like or fear, those kinds of things, because that what matters.

What songs would make me knows your better? Comment it!


  1. actually i haven't heard these.

  2. I don't like Taylor too!! Well her personal life is too miserable and yes, the fact that she used her past love to make her hit song is sickening.. But, sometimes her songs are still pleasable to listen..

    1. that is what makes it more annoying, her songs were good. just that i hated the sentiment behind it and can't bring to sing it (i even know the lyric grr)