Roll On : 11 Things In My Room

Feb 7, 2015

The challenge is still on!

I think it's better to be listing things in my room in college since it is really my very own room. At home  we share rooms and i have my things all over the place. Hee~

  1. Sometimes I have fresh flower on my desk
  2. My board was full of everything including my badges collection.
  3. Big mirror. I need to have at least a mirror allowing me to see full view of my tudung.
  4. Meja lipat lipat tu. I despise normal table sometimes.
  5. My shoes. Since i stay at college more and need to go to places i have my important shoes here in college instead of homes. I pakai selipar je kat rumah.
  6. I have my ironed tudung tie on a hanger so it become thiese rays of tudung and i hung it on the wall so it's looks sort of decoration and its more fun.
  7. All my stuff animal pillows. Only one is actually a gift while the other two were bought since i need small pillow. Funnily, it is only rm10 for 3 stuff animal. Pre loved items. The other one i give it to my friend.
  8. I have my own printer.
  9. and multipurpose cooker
  10. plus of course a water heater.
  11. and LAPTOP. I'm able to actually be living in this room.

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  1. Nice entry..=) Jemput join my simple segmen if nak saya datang blogwalking lagi.. Ngee..