Roll On : Volunteers Needed @ Big Bad Wolf !

Nov 16, 2014

Hello peeps! Happy sunday!

Just a simple sharing. they need volunteers for this upcoming Big Bad Wolf (BBW). For your information, BBW is a big book fair which only cover english books only. The sale are crazy! But it will take ages for you to go through their books.The place setting is simply a very big hall. Not like KLIBF where at PWTC it will be quite confusing with all the halls and the floor. BBW don't have separate publishers opening booth there. All kind of books is thrashed there with all sort of published. It is sort of easy since you don't have to compare the price and all.

It's really a good experience but i'm not sure if i can make it. Thought of having my high school mates joining this with. It will be fun than just strolling around malls.

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