roll : i dont like it when you do it like that.

Aug 27, 2011

first case :

there is this one guy which my friend have some sort of stupid crush to him. kinda cute btw. she will drag me to watch this guys playing futbal (like i have nothing better to do) i accompanied her. many time. but i am actually care-less about that guy.

one day. we bumped into that guy at the library. and i notice that the watch that guy wore is something like my sister ask me to find it for her.. so i am like..

"jam kau jenama apa?"
"owh. sorry.. salah jam"

my friend never talk to that guy.  but she manage to get his phone number. she found that guy fb and i "add" him. i post it to him.

"jam casio rite?"

its suppose to be something like..

"eh..terjumpa pulak"

copy that? but then somehow he deleted it. i tell my friend about it and she tell me that guy blocked her.

i think he think that we are STALKER. damn it.


second case:

i text to this guy. asking that and this. and he actually not really know me.. so i make it clear to him who am i. and he replied me..

"owh..yeke?? k, sy mintak diri dulu..aslmkum"

whats with the double question marks and sudden go?

third case :

my most beloved boyfriend dont topup. no money-lah. annoying.. =.='


  1. sangat tak suke........

  2. most guys are very highheaded...prasan lbh je...isk3