roll on : student do's and don'ts

Jan 24, 2012


its been a long time since i go for a serious post..kind of awkward now..but then this is the main purpose for me to be a blogger..expressing my thought and thus sharpen my thinking.

since i started studying at matrics, i notice that i am getting use to the idea of studying. Since primary school i never practice proper study and just go for tuition when i am in form 5. This is rather frustrating as if i train myself to a proper technique of studying i could score better in SPM. But then there is no point to be sorry now right?

there are many style of studying. Some like it late at night and some like it early in the morning. There also people who study from mind maps but there are also some people who hated it. It is very important for any student to have their study style fix or else it will be a troublesome when you want to further study after SPM. Start to think deep what style you are if you still confuse because learning would be a lot easier after that. Believe me.

One thing i hate the most about student (as now i also a student, i can see this clearly) is when they started to complain that studying burden them so much. Please don't to this to yourself because it is simply too stupid. You better stop studying right away!

I personally think there is no use doing something that you hate. Whats the point dude? You will never come to a success. Few might be, but do you really want to gamble your future for that small odds?

Hating something making everything hard. Like damn hard and you will easily get tired and boring. If you can't stop studying for some reason do find a way to love it or you will live a meaningless life. You only wasting your time. Not everyone got opportunity to study. Make that your starting point.

As for muslim one thing i can say is, studying is compulsory for us and it help to increase your love to Allah. Nawaitu, so that I will know how magnificent knowledge can do to us and be amaze because all of that belong to Allah.

When you find the love (poyo) you find it is fun to be learning.

notice something, i can't really stroke out the 'feeling' i want into this post as i am writing in English.

oh ya, this one for my cousin, Fathirah.. :)


  1. like it or not, one should study, or shouldn't be called students.

  2. masuk matrik dah rupe nye.. good luck with ur studies k!! wat yang terbaik!