Roll on : Mature enough?

Apr 14, 2012

Assalammualaikum and hi :)

   Have you face a situation where you just hope that a person would act mature so to please you?

   Maturity is not only gain by age but it involve how you can think on a particular topic. We can examine maturity by simply debate on a topic and from the point given by a person we can judge their level of maturity.

  Studying at matriculation have gain me the opportunity to know lots of people with lots of personality. One peculiar thing I observe is a people can be mature and not mature in the same time. I am a very sensitive person and for me a people can be less not giving me pain by act mature. I look up maturity very much.

   So, how can a so sensitive girl like me to face these people? That is the trickiest part. Before, I let myself to be drowned by the problem and end up hoping "Ya Allah!! let this over with!". I simply want to run.

   But now I learn from my friend that I can let these crush me. So I learn step by step. Now I know that for me, only experience or a thorough thinking process would help. I have done some stupid act and learn from there so I can deal with these immatureness. That is experience and of course more but I want to emphasis on mistake here. Some experience (mistake) you can gain from others. Know people and their history and learn that too!

   A thorough thinking here is based only on IF what will be better?  At this point I always be redha with everything that may resulted from my choice. But before of course I will try my best to make sure I have made a the best choice ever. Follow up with doa and tawakkal.

  Lastly, one thing that I realise is that we can never regret as everything that we have go through mean something and is just that way. No way around. Never ask to turn back time. Allah have choose that and who are you to say no?


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