it's a wonderful life :)

Dec 16, 2012


i just notice he got a blog and suddenly i got this urge to write also. i'm craziiihhhhh..

it have been quite sometime for me not to be posting here although i love it very much to be able to express tonnes of entahmenatangapatah here. Too busy. Like very busy. Very busy.

and i am not busy STUDYING. i'm suppose too study now but since these few weeks was very hectic with program and assignment and LAB REPORT (it is in capital lock because i love doing lab report but i hate how it stressed me out. roller coaster of emotion.) and when i'm finally free, well, not so free, but free-lah, I'm like don't know how to study. This is bad. Very bad.

But hands down everyone, i love studying and i WILL study, well~

So, I want to share new stuff i learned from this wonderfully packed with all sort of thing in this few weeks although studying itself have took my life for it.

First of all, i learn lot of things from my friend during our big and awesome program. We r managing this program called Gema Amal Insan which have 3 subprogram, pertandingan nasyid/konsert, bengkel keberkesanan komunikasi dan profesionalisme and larian amal, that aimed to collect fund to be given to those in need. My friend thought me lots of stuff which i really need to overcome my weakness. Alhamdulillah, Allah SWT way of showing this too you, is just magnificent,

I learned to smile and laugh at stress. yes stress! u can't do me no harm, i am immune to you! this actually come from positive mind and mostly from non-stop believing to Allah SWT. Allah SWT always help and never give us somethig we can't handle. Then from this mind, I never let my mood to be destroyed by stress. it just plain stupid.

I start to really implement on not having bad impression on anyone, and subhanallah! how it make me change my view to everyone just make me happier. Husnuzon. I am practicing to stop ghibah and keep my big mouth sealed! InsyaAllah i will nail it! I love on how i start to really count up this so called small things and be really happy when i see myself improve litle by litle.


lastly, at least for today, I learned to make steps to have nice relationship with my friends. I try to be close and be together. Practicing good ukhwah.

So, how is life?


  1. This is ur sister.. Ur biological 2nd sister.. Ur 'stress u cant do me no harm' meaning it can do you harm.. Sya bce blog anda.. Segan skarg..