Roll on : Family

Jun 28, 2013

you know that feeling when you have 7 siblings and being the oldest one, it will train you to be ignorance to stupid stuff and such a platform to train your temper.

Assalammualaikum folks. i train myself to great in every post. when you read my salam do know that i intend to give this salam for you. i even whispered it so that it is legit. i learned that from someone.

maybe my ustaz/ustazah/mom/tok/tv ???

please give salam back to me.

going back to my first statement. i am the oldest of 7 siblings. the smallest one aged 7 while one after me is only 1 year from me, 19.

that makes me 20. mark that fellow nerds. i'm in the twentieth bebeh.

we are so close. although now we are quite apart. the two boys were in maahad tahfiz. i'm studying at UKM KL while the other sisters of mine in SESERI which is also in KL. when we gather up it's never akward to like teasing and scolding and stuff. yup. i am the most garang one.

i always believe when you endure hardship with someone, it will bond you. strong. my biggest hardship come to our entire family and that makes our bond stronger. we can actually laugh in those moments. silly us mehh.
blood is thicker than water. i never understand this. what compare my friends to water ? this is so not a joke.
define perfect to me.

today vocab limit perfect for a state of flawlessnes ( this may be spelled incorrectly ). that is quite a b*llsh*t. we here got lots of flaw here and there. but we are perfect. we together are perfect. we complete each other.

bullying my sisters


  1. waalaikumussalam dan assalamualaikum,sis ^^

    wah bestlah ada adik-beraidk ramai,kan.hahaha cehh siap buli adik tu lipat baju banyak tak ingat he3...

    owh adik kak lea sekarang tengah praktikal (doctor-to-be),dia study kat cyberjaya :)

    good luck..all the best.salam nuzul quran :)

    1. goodluck utk adik akak..sye ada ramai kwn nak jd doc wanna be ni..mmg susah n strugle betol diorg belajar..huhu..