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Oct 26, 2013

I never quite understand what does it means to love someone deeply. and sincerely. I don't know why. At first I thought it is just me being cold hearted. Although I know i'm quite a sensitive person but it seems that it may be two separate things.

But i do know how. I see it from my father who always make sure we get everything that we need. I see it from my mother who always so concern about my health. I see it from Angah who never let me down when i ask for help. I see it from Nabila love to hugs me and smile so happily when she saw me home.

Yet, i know and sure that i love them too. Nothing could make me feel less loving them except to love them even more.

Losing really teach you to be grateful and to live in the moment. to appreciate everything. even the smallest thing. cause you could never know when will you lose it forever and what left then to love maybe none. nothing. zero.

and losing have teached me love. i think i quite get the idea of it. the LOVE idea.

it is when you want them to be happy all the time.
it is when you want them to get everything that they want.
it is when you feel guilty when you know that something cannot be undone,
             and the one you love would never get the opportunity as you does.

when you lose something so precious. you will feel true love. and you start to realize that there is much more to it. let it go and do the best that we can.

Allah who love us the most never will leave you. So, why so serious?

fun moment. sad that the camera is rosak now. =.='

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