Roll on : Stop Doing That !!

Nov 8, 2013

Assalammualaikum and good morning!

you know something, i used to be crazily blogging. do blogwalking here and there. chit chat over the FB with other bloggers. always make renovation on my blog. and stuff.

that is when i just joined blogging. it was after SPM and i got lots of spare time. and then get muself a work and this blog things start to become hard to commit too. after that, comes matriculation times where i rarely do any post . seeing i actually got 3++ followers (during my rajin time i always joined contest to popularize my blog) was actually hard to accept since my blog are full of nothing but my crappy thought. now, this blog seem like "hidup segan, mati tak mahu"

so, now i am quite back to blog. am i ? haha, this is quit tricky. i'm in my mid sem break so i got some spare time. God knows that i would be super busy when i start my study back.

but, i love to blog during time. it sort of, releasing my tense. very cool way to improve my writing also. though i always failed to recheck before posting and end up with lot of spelling error.

so, the "Stop Doing That !!" here might be would mean,  don't leave my blog unattend.


this list is to remind me some annoying habits of mine that kind of held me back.

  1. Procnastination. Need to do listing and start working from that list.
  2. Last minute work. Kind of like the first point. 
  3. Google thingsssssssssss. It is fun to know stuff, but it is too time consuming.
  4. Leave all my new books just like that. I need to finish all of those.
  5. Get tensed on your own. Got single room now. Quite lazy to go to my friends room. I think i need too so i can release my tense by talking and also would help my ukhwah
  6. Think that i can do that or i'm not that good or i'm too shy or that is stupid. Cause it is NOT
  7. Thinking too much. it really does burden me.
  8. put my things all over the place. habis bersepah
  9. eat too much junk food and sugar. and cold drinks. need to take care of my health.
  10. only focus on certain class. that i'm interested only, need to focus on all and take notes!
  11. start studying my lecture note too late. need to read it earlier so can do some clarification on things that i need to focus. can ask lecturer also.
  12. making excuses. to others and to myself!
  13. think bad about people. i need to have the way of think such that everyone is better than me. 
  14. twisting other peoples mind. hehe. well, only on those that i do  purely for my benefit.
  15. well, this list may go on and on

so, let us change and be istiqamah!

and nothing even feel more right that to do it Islam way!

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