Roll On : Fun Stuff bout My Header

Dec 23, 2013

that picture header of mine,

  1. was taken inside Sungei Wang Plaza. never go there anymore. too expensive and boring too.
  2. the watch i wore have gone. now got Superman logo on it.
  3. the blue orange phone case was changed. new one way cooler.
  4. i never wore that purple tudung anymore since i got new one. better one.
  5. the balalaca bag, got shoes that i just bought that day. and i just know yesterday that the shoes have terkopak. due to my sister extensively wearing it to her class.
  6. i even changed my spectacles. and it cost me only RM88. must be the cheapest i have ever bought.
  7. the shoes that i wore that day also have terkopak. haha. why all my shoes ended up like that. but better lah since it is a very good excuse to throw it. :P

#moral of the story, time passes and lot of thing changed. though simple stuff like dis. and time passes so fast and a friend of mine told that it is actually sign of The Judgement day is nearing. i never knew it though. hmm. how prepared are we? :(

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