Roll On : Becoming A Better Blogger

Sep 3, 2014

l learn that, to become a better blogger i need to do a steady effort. not a lot, but steady.

But first thing first, i need to understand why on earth i choose this path.

i love to blog. i love to write and most importantly i love to make things big. meaning here as i have choose to blog, i need to really blog. 

i also love to read random blog. you would never know what you will be learning today. most importantly i love the intimate feel when i read others blog. i am reading from a normal human point of view and it's exciting.

to blog well. i need to.

  1. not only read but leave track. i got a habit of being a silent reader.
  2. need to enrich my mind with topic i choose to write. i need to write more strategically.
  3. need to regularly do (1) and (2). maybe 2 to three post per week. 
  4. don't leave my blog life unattend. 
  5. never give up!

i sometime don't feel like blogging or simply said giving up as i didn't organize my life well thus making blogging a hassle. a trouble.

but the main problem is now that i love to write in english. and that is a serious drawback if i want peoples to read my blog. or do i need peoples that understand english only? 

pfftt. listen to me. all snobbish~

the talented maddie ziegler

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