Roll On : A Girl With Heels.

Oct 18, 2014

this is random.

heels. hella girl~~

this is some thought funnily cross my mind after 5 pages of "essay" for Pharmaceutical Care exam yesterday.

Why a girl with heels seems more confident.

Firstly, because they are taller. Most of times, taller than everyone else. That enables her to look down on others. That empowers you. To be able to become more than everyone else in the room. A feeling of superiority. Nonetheless.

Secondly, they are stable. especially for those who wear that extremely narrow heels that i swear weren't made to be walk in too. the sense that she got this under control as SHE walk the entire city with extreme swag with it. just enough to make she know that she is have this under control.

i love heels. i do though i am not those girl who wear one. it's doesn't seems to fit a daily wear though some do wear it at all time basis. so i don't have one. i have my mom's. so at least i do have one if i were to wear one. 

oh yes. this is some thought only. don't take it seriously. 

remember them?


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