Roll On : Driving Around, Playing Around @ KL

Dec 10, 2014

We were having a blast though we short of one person. Since we choose to drive by ourselves it would be best to have 4 person in the trip but everyone were busy and just left the three of us. I have been wanting to do this like a long time and Alhamdulillah I finally got the chance now. It is actually a simple trip where we visit all sort of place in KL. 

We start off with Pusat Sains Negara !

PSN was very coooooooooooooooooooooooool. We got to play all sort of thing which relate to science subjects we studied during our highschool. Kind to think of it, we are not the age group that PSN target. Hee. There were only school student who visit at that time! Imagine that ! The ticket was very cheap also. Complete with it's own aquarium and lots of fancy exhibiton to play around with I would really suggest you all to go here. Especially for kids. They would be in awe~

Harga (RM)
Dewasa 6.00
Kanak-kanak (6-12 tahun) dan Warga Emas (55 tahun keatas)
* Kumpulan Murid Sekolah Rendah (termasuk Guru)
* Kumpulan Murid Sekolah Menengah (termasuk Guru)
* Kumpulan Dewasa (minima 10 orang) 5.00

interestingly, the weird not wrong proportion of hand and tongue and stuuff were made such that it represent the "size" of the brain brain part that control it. somethng called cortical homunculi.

Next, we headed for Planetarium. Sadly the time for the space theater show thingy have passed so we simply stroll around the exhibition part which is not much thing actually. I am quite sad at that time cause the main thing I wanted to do for that day trip is to watch the show. Huhu 


ADULT (13 years and above) : RM12.00
ADULT WITH MYKAD (13 years and above) : RM6.00
CHILDREN (2 to 12 years old) : RM8.00
CHILDREN WITH MYKID (2 to 12 years old) : RM4.00

amazing view outside of Planetarium

So it is Asar now, we decided to went to Masjid Negara to pray. The prayer hall, which what I mean the hall where they got proper carpet, was suprisingly not so big. But they have a large open space like when they show Jumaat prayer at TV where most of the people praying outside. They also have these jubah for foreigners that wanted to visit the masjid. On top of that, there is this cemetary which is thought as warisan negara or something but i'm not sure who actually got buried there. We don't took much photos. Thought that it didn't look much appropriate. 

After that we went for Muzium Kesenian Islam which is located directly in front of the masjid. And it is closed !! It was quite weird because according to the website we have about half an hour to visit the muzium. I was quite sad also because I do love looking at art pieces. We just went for the souvenirs shop and catch a glimpse of what they have there. Allah swt really does plan something for us~~

le stunning outside view

inverted dome

Then we went fot Tugu Negara ! I am quite excited to finally be here. I don't know why but i just like it. Jiha told us that the model of the tugu, some of it kot, stil alive. I can't imagine the exact situation where the pose for the statue. It must be awkward~

We then walk around the taman near there, Taman Perdana something. Even the taman here have fancy decorations~


And guess where we have our maghrib prayer? So we thought it would be boring to went back to Masjid Negara so we went for Masjid Bukit Aman. Yup. Right next to Bukit Aman Police HQ place. Takda pon policemen in uniform praying there~

Lastly we went to KLCC to watch air pancut warna warni. Yup. Only for that. When we arrive they were playing Bunkface song and the air pancut follow that song rhythm. We were captivated. When the song finished we hang around for awhile hoping for the next song to be played. NO MORE SONG WAS PLAYED. Duhh~

We headed back then.

The car we use was rented from this abang at IMR. Quite cheap actually as compare to other car we surveyed on. From 2 PM untill 9 PM for RM45. The abang siap drive us back to KTSN okayyyy. It was a white auto Myvi~

Actually have a lot of picture but i use my phone as GPS so it runs out of batteries. Much of the pictures was taken from my friends.

Actually, all these places except for PSN were really nearby. And there is some other attraction here also. 

How about Taman Burung for our next trip? And of course PLANETARIUM~


  1. interesting
    thanks berkongsi info
    blom pernah lg sampai
    tunggu bby dh besar blh la bawa pi sini :)?

  2. bestnya jalan2 pusing2 KL... dulu pernah teringin nak buat tapi selalunya program lain akan melintang kanan kiri... so kensel lagi