Roll on : Hopeless lover part 2

Aug 4, 2015


Konon la mak kiah sambung part two, from the last post.

Hopeless it is.  I sometime find myself to indulge to much in unrealistic day dreaming. It is hopelessly helpless.

My friend got a rush of some sort from my previous post. It is an exciting of a subject though for me it is merely a dream. I got myself few crush troughout my life. Movieactors and singers usually. In rare cases, an actual person in my life. Which is weird since i could not really see myself in an actual relationship which them.

As i say before, a hopeless lover.

Fun topic to be discussed aye.

I should do this more. Talk about random unimportant think.

Because i can.

Oh. I could reach "myself" when i Googled my name. My friend thought it is something popular though really, it isnt. I mean berapa banyak la orang feymes named Afifah Addnan to be Googled for right?

Felt lonely today and i have 2 cups of coffee.


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  1. alohlohloh .. counting days to ict.

    and to be retired from internship.

    and eh ? hai thesis ! :'D