Roll On : Whats up me today.

Apr 1, 2016

So, i got this urge to express, stuff. Just that i don't know what. I've been reading romantic fluffy cutesy short stories and i think it kind of stucked in my heart, sort-ish.

To overcome this issue, i've been reading other genre. I literally forced myself. I think girl just love these stuff but then i don't like to be stucked in it. It hinders good brain development.

Anyway, i'm on my way to Kajang. We have booked three cars there and want to pick it up. We will go to Johor tomorrow. Good ol trip with my friends to my senior wedding. I'm excited and unsettled at the same time. I think the unsettled feeling is because i need to drive. I don't suck at driving just that my father is really psycho and i have been forever easily been affected. I need to actually be behind the wheel to be calm, that i can do this.

I've been receiving more that 40 traffic per day and i realized that i've written about Aiken and Umobile. That specific posts has been receiving the high traffic. I should write more bout brands. I think i'll start with Umobile postpaid plans and Redmi phone.

You know what, i always have low mood for a while during my menses. But this time it is worse. I've been in low mood for days. Not to mention my period was early. I drink coffee and got those hyperactivity for bout an hour and pooff everyone can get off and let me feel miserable with myself.

I think this may be part of the reason i was too into love stories.

Anyway, there is this Supernatural episode where Dean went back in time to 1944. Those Al Capone time and he look so hot all sleek with suit and fedora. Thanks a lot Eric Kripke for this. You're my favourite person.

What more eh.


I got cool new shoes. Not got, bought. It's Dr Cardin. Cost me RM69.90. I love it.

"Baby, be my angel. I gotta have you"

Kisses fellas.

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