Roll On: Calm the f*ck down.

Jun 13, 2016

I'm taking my first final, final exam paper in less than two hours. I have this good feeling that everything going to be ok like before the  two hours before I sleep last night.

Because like the immediate two hours before I finally can sleep, I have nervous breakdown/bad feeling. Nothing major of course. Just a minor one. I started to remember all these few events when I have this bad feeling and ended up with one.

Though I think I can't sleep due to the ever delicious Line Clear's "nescafe ais" I've drank during iftar. Then I became restless since I can't sleep even though I have tried for almost half an hour. Scrolling 9gag wasnt helping at all. I seriously suspect the caffeine was also a culprit. Yes. One thing lead to another, I am fairly having a nervous breakdown. A minor one.

I hardly drank nescafe though. Usually coffee mix which the one that actually gave effect on me. I've abstain myself from coffee mix since I want to sleep early, nescafe was not that strong. But, I kinda crave one yesterday. Totally underestimate it.

I manage to sleep sometine around 0115. Not good fellas.Waking up early will make it harder of course. I sleep after subuh (please don't do this) to like redeem the sleep but one thing bout me is that I always have this gasey windy stomach and uncomfortable taste in the back of my throat specifically after sahur and the chances to get it increases if i sleep after iftar. It didn't happen for the past few days which was like AWESOME yet it happen TODAY.

Why am I updating blog at this wee hour? I need to took my mind of things. To like calm the fuck down. I can't have coffee which is cool btw just that I need to calm the fuck down.

I use to, this one time, think that I need to study and study and study till the last freaking second because some of my friends were doing that. I hardly done it and were already like all loose and stuff the morning I have my exams. Especially if the exam at noon or evening, I'll like slept for an hour or so. My result was not of the tops, do mind that. But I've tried to do that one time, to study untill the last second, because I tought I'm not giving enough as everyone is.

It failed miserably.

I realize the "loose yourself" things i've been doing was me calming down. It helps me to collect my thoughts and remember stuffs. I realize I always be nervous and stuff but by time and experiences, I learned to calm down and think thoroughly. Think clearly. You need to allow yourself to embrace what life has offered and learn it tentatively. Understand it thoroughly. That is what helping me to calm down.

Don't be affected by surroundings. Like seriously, DON'T. The world will continue to roll and you can let it go when you need. Give it your best game with the best way you play it. It's your game. The end-result was all yours. Do it your way. The way you body and soul come to term with.

Just remember to be responsible.

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