Roll On : Cikgu Afifah, LOL (Part 1)

Aug 13, 2016


So, the other day, like last Tuesday, a friend of mine was telling us that her mom was looking for a replacement teacher at our former highschool. The salary was only RM600 (usually it would be at least RM1000++) and we need to teach sejarah and bahasa melayu (form 1 and form 2) for about two months.

Despite the very low salary, the job was quite tempting. Since i'll be teaching in the afternoon, I can still cook lunch for my family and went for jogging in the morning. I really have nothing better to do in the afternoon anywayyyy.

So, i was like, lets give it a try, its not like i would surely gets it. Her mom asked for those who are interested to come to the school the very next day. APPARENTLY, i am the only one who say would come and long story short, my friend called at 12pm saying that I need to start teaching that very day.


yeah. This could be the very example of having a 360 degree life change happen so suddenly. *dramatic sound effect insert here*

Anywayyyyyyy. It really does turn out as I thought it will. I can spend my time doing better things and can still do the chores and stuff. The time gaps between classes allows me to do a bit of revision and rancangan pelajaran and stuff so I don't think that I'll be bringing the job home. I walk a lot since all the class we at different buildings and was sweating like crazy. Thanks God they have air conditioner in the teacher's room. But yeah, the small salary kind of making me feeling like mehhhh.

The experience however was priceless. The satisfaction as well.

But yeah, small salary. It was a bit turnoff.

And it kinds of depressing that the teachers were mostly in their 40's so I was like how to become frenzy with them?

I need to find the teachers and asked thems stuff (teach me what/how to teach) but at the same time it felt extremely awkward when they were having conversation and there i was, in silence, studying, not knowing how to mingle, like the topics was about things that i don't know. Mehhh.

I got some improvement last Friday that i am fairly proud of. Little conversation was made. Yay me!

I hope i'll get better.

Pray for me.

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