Roll On: Jalan Jalan Japan aka The Coolest Thrift Shop Ever

May 21, 2017

ATTENTION - this post gonna have lots of pictures and I tried to collage some but still, quite some pictures.

We went to One City Mall at Puchong for this thrift shop that my cousins told to have real cheap stuff. I was hooked because she got some cute backpack and well since we didn't have much to do, we just went there for some look and see. 

By the way, One City Mall is quite fancy so imagine how weird it felt when my cousins say they got some thrift shop. 

Apparently, once we got there, it was not just a thrift shop, it took several lots and was freaking two storey shop. It was huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge.

This place is just huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge.

The view from the second floor - near the stair. The space right of this picture is clothing which is shown in the picture below and yes, they got furniture guys.  Parents do splurge on those toys, please. 

I am on the second floor and actually, there are more things under me with the space as big as the space used in this picture to put all those clothes. I forgot to bring my super wide lens so I couldn't take a better picture.

As the shop is called, Jalan Jalan Japan, the stuff they sell is from Japan. But I didn't ask, I just assume it is since from their collection, it is like what the Japanese would use/have. Those clothing's price ranges mainly between RM5 to RM15. We can't find many clothes we are attracted to since it was quite small (Japanese is sho small) and well, sexy. Lots of shorts and short sleeved t-shirt and even more those tubes and singlets. The long sleeve one is quite a lot but still, small. Or maybe I am fat but anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy the pieces they have are quite cute and damn cheap so just imagine how frustrated I am!!

I found this but it is small for me so my sis took it and it looks so good on her. Annoying gilaaa. 
This one is quite nice as well isn't it?

The sweater-ish t-shirt are so cute but who on earth would wear these in Malaysia!

Freaking wedding gown and some kimonos (not in the picture) as well

Don't worry, they do have changing room as well.

We took almost two hours just to just check out their stuff since it was just a lot. Apart from their massive clothing collection, the even have some kitchen stuff like bowls, cups and the compulsory tea cups. Not to mention being Japanese, their lunch boxes complete with their lunch bag and the mat they use during lunch. It was so cute.

Did you saw that Pingu themed thermos - I bought it since it is only RM3!

But why is it so small?

I was so tempted to get me one though I always prefer cups with a hook but just look at how cute that is!

They come up with all kind of design.
We got one each since it is only RM3 lol. Konon useful lahh.

They also have stationery and the sad thing is that we can't try if the pen working or not and it was not like a stationery shop for real. They have stuff that just belongs to the category and the real attraction is the quirky design it has. The funny thing is they even have small stacks of A4 paper, weird huh?

I told you the designs are quirky. These cost around RM3 to RM5.

They got lots of stuff and I dare say there bound to be a little something for everyone. Just like get RM20 to spend just for fun and of course, just have a tour and learn a little more about Japan. To be frank, I watched anime and read manga from high school and still do sometime now so Japan's culture has always had a special spot in my heart. That might explain why I was damn excited. Having said that, yes, the have lots of figurines and anime themed keychains. badges, stickers and more. But sadly, only the most famous amos ones. No Kyo Kara Maoh or at least Zankyou No Terror for me. I can't even find any Ghibli characters as well. Boo hoo.

Even if you don't watch any anime or read any manga, the keychain design are quirky and cute which could be an interesting birthday gift as well.

I was going to check each one of these to find myself at least one anime that I knew of. Just because, but I don't. Still, lots of things yet to be explored.

Most of these figurines were from One Piece. I was so shocked not to find a least the same amount of Naruto's figurines.

Maybe because it was preloved, it was quite cheap because I swear I have seen these costing almost a hundred.

These are just adorable. 

There is a whole section dedicated to these kinds of decoration stuff. The details on this dolls are just breathtaking. You guys should at least be a little culturally enriched after visiting this place.
From here on, I will just let the pictures speak for themselves.

Actually, just in front of these stroller are golf set - yes that means the huge golf bag as well.

I do wonder if anyone would actually buy the surfboard. We can surf nothing here in Malaysia.

SHOES and even roller blade guys. I didn't take the picture but they also have badminton and tennis racket. I don't know that kid.
I was actually on a mission. I need some big sling bag and I got it for RM10 only! The upper picture was mine while below is my sis which is also RM10. 
These luggage are of good quality but i'm sorry that I forgot to check out the price.

They have plenty musical instruments as well.

Plush toys and even plushier me.

Can you believe that I only realise about this discount after freaking paying. 
Whewww, that are some pictures I have there. BYE.


  1. Wow even seeing the pictures makes me drolling. *heart beating eyes*

  2. Waahhhh... I hate to see this hahaha.. I love Japan and wish someday I will go there!
    Soo many clothes .. lawa2 lgi..

    1. and then maybe you can share your haul. i'd love to read that!

  3. Very good place and very cheap also