Roll On: Getting a Mature and More Confident Style This Eidulfitri

Jun 19, 2017

Year by year I get more surprised on my own consciousness regarding my choice of attire. To be exact - what I actually want to wear vs what I want to wear just because it is a trend / the norm.

I was never the one to dress up pretty and pretty much-hated ironing so I always have some tudung malas. Usually, if we made plan to go out at a certain time then I will put more efforts into my choice of attire but lately, I was so lazy that I only drape the shawl over my shoulder and that is all. It was always t-shirt and jeans and barefaced. Yup, with acne scars and pale AF lips - I am the epitome of not the least care what you think about me.

I thought it was pretty normal until I got into UKM and found plenty of girls who really put effort each time going out even it is only to the cafeteria. Somehow the idea of really taking care of how you looked all the time kinda made me feel like maybe I didn't put enough effort on myself. I am 24 now. No more snotty bed face anymore~

It wasn't like I am trying to be someone else - I just thought it is a path for me to venture in order to grow up, I can always turn back if I do feel like it is not the right thing for me.

Anyway, even for Eidulfitri, I didn't put much thought into what I am wearing. For the past few years, my aunt has been giving us some fabric to be made into baju kurung and I totally settled for that. I always pick up something plain since I want to make sure I can wear to my class later on and if you read My Dorky and Quirky Lookbooks you'll remember that plain is simply my jam.

However, I realised now the key essence on what impression I want to leave onto people is that this is me - in my most Afifah's look and I am totally rocking the confidence aura out of it. For that, I need to ditch my sluggish and child-like look and start to look mature thus makes people notice/believe in me better. 

I learned to observe peoples with different looks. I look up into my friends choice of attire (at different occasions too) and the air that surrounds them. What made it them and try to compare with the current trend. I observed some trendy and chic people too. The one that totally catches my attention were peoples who dressed up minimally or simply looked the same day by day but have some sort of confident appeal to them. Sort of cool and have a firm stand. Not easily shaken by others and truly know themselves in and out. Like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg~

But actually, it wasn't those millionaires that made me attracted to that style - it was my super successful and confident looking lecturers. They didn't look totally the same day by day, the just have a set of thing they conform too - together with their of own colour palette. There is this one lecturer who totally kills it with her high heels and I totally like those little details that simply striking for me.

I am so babbling like crazy but this is the essence of the title though I wasn't really gonna do a whole essay on it in my blog. I thought it was gonna be some silent discussion and understanding I have inside my head until Lazada blogger contest for Raya asked to write something with "Looking Good and Beautiful". This is my definition of good and beautiful and I am still learning.

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So, in achieving Raya approved and Afifah minimal-ish istyle this Raya I was thinking to match my patterned baju kurung with a silver shawl. I thought it will give out a daring vibe that will soften a bit by the plain baju kurung which in turn *hopefully*, made the simple baju kurung a bit chicer. Moreover, Nadia suddenly wants to have a themed look and I was like "Nooooooooooooo". It can be helped too since some of us has already got our baju raya so I thought that this silver shawl is our best bet to achieve a themed look but not so themed look. It's a win - win situation.

Not only that, since I need to stop wearing jeans all the time I thought I should have more skirt. I guess it is a good call to appear more feminine this Raya. I used to have plenty of skirts but it was those lycra ones that I grow sick of. I kinda dig pencil skirt now and this black one from Lazada is just exactly the one that I want to get for Raya. I can pair it up with a blouse and even t-shirt.

Lastly, I searched for abaya which is easily made me look mature and create a bold-ish look. However, I got attracted to this abaya/cardigan. I like how flowy it is and how I can match it with t-shirt and jeans but still look cool (?). I have one long cardigan but it got torn up so this will be a great replacement. The material are thin enough so I won't feel too hot.

I am actually not a peron who like to do my shopping online but Lazada totally changes my mind. I guess it must be due Lazada's spirit of "Marhaban Ya Ramadhan" in throwing a lot of promotions because these were quite cheap. Especially the still ongoing Riang Ria Raya sale ( which means discount up to 90%. Not to mention FREE DELIVERY TO. The sale started last 19th May and end on 30th June so guys go buy anything that you need.


  1. I heard about larzada but never tried buying from it. Maybe i get something for raya from lazada.

    1. That will be a good excuse since they are having crazy sales for raya right now.

  2. Indeed, as we grow up, we then realise to.change our style to be more mature, matching with our age. Goodluck for the contest! I think the black skirt would suit you thr best :)

    1. Yup, I guess age is the factor here. I do really really want that black skirt

  3. Long sleeve cardigan menarik!! Siqah nak jugak try beli satu long cardigan. Tengok orang pakai cantik je =D Hope Afifah dapat black skirt tu. Black senang matching dgn apa warna sekalipun kan =D