Roll On: 5 Blogger Don'ts During 2010 That Peoples Still Do In 2017

Aug 1, 2017

I have been more active in blogging since I have graduated from UKM (though that only means around eight to ten posts per month but still) and I was so surprised to see some "don't do this because we didn't really like it" things back then during 2010 are still happening today. I remembered during those time how it is a thing to publish about this topic and some blogger actually comment it directly when they went blogwalking.

Does these "don'ts" bothers me? Some of it really does but I notice that today's blogging community are far more mature and so chill that I don't really mind to keep my eyes close. 

If anyone actually do these, don't be alarmed, it is just an observation. Seven years is a long time. Not only it is interesting to see how the Malaysian blogging community has grown but also to see if it is something we need to do something about.

Here are 5 things 2010's bloggers are told not to do


#1 Songs

Background music is such a taboo thing back then. Some says it was because the sudden song will disturb the surrounding people and for me it just kinda disturbing. Not to mention that I sometime can't find the button to pause it and end up just silent my laptop speaker.

#2 Twinkling cursor

I am an old person. During 2010, is just da bomb. One of it most succesful innovation are those fancy cursor and some even have glitters following it. Cute but can be annoying. Sometime the colors didn't go well with the theme and we end up not seeing it. I remember one time scrolling my cursor mindlessly because I can't see where the cursor is. Then when I do find it I got confused at which end does it click (of course it was the whole cursor but it still get me every time!). I told you I'm an old person.

#3 Rojak or messy language

2010 is the peak of bahasa minah/mat rempit and yes some blogs does write it such way. Fortunately, it didn't went overboard due to some responsible bloggers who publicize how it is hard to understand and will only lower down the said blog traffic. Yet, there are still cases of overuse short forms and the language being too too laid back. As of today, I do saw some bloggers, only a few, who wrote in this laid back manners. Laid back is good, people like it, but not properly writing it just kills the mood for me. That is why I have some fetish for Malaysian bloggers who wrote in English. Since we learned it formally, the writing have professional air around it even though some (reads as me) are struggling to with grammars.

#4 No embedded comments?

Having a 2GB ram laptop really put a toll on me upon visiting these kind of blog. Not to mention, since I have to wait for it to load first, I tend to read other blog in the mean time which had me getting lost on whose comment page is this. It is far easier to just embedded it guyssss. That verification code as well!

#5 Follow me follow you

I have a strict rule to only follow bloggers that interest me. So please don't follow me and expect that I am responsible to follow you back. I used to do that and it made my Reading List so dull and hinders me from properly connects with bloggers that I actually like. I do want to really know more bloggers but I can't do it if I spam my own Reading List. Wait a minute - is this why I don't have many followers?

Having said all of these, I do hope no one takes it seriously like - I don't hate you. What matter is the content. There are plenty of awesome bloggers out there who did this and still receive tonnes of traffic and lots of fans. Just do what makes you happy. If twinkling cursor with fairy dust makes you happy then just do it.


  1. great observation...agree on #1 & #2. for others still fine for me

    1. I guess if I am a really patient person, these will be peachy fine. Except for the last one, I just can't.

  2. Plus some bloggers though that it would look cool if their content background is black with a glaring yellow and red font. Like how are people supposed to read your posts? And I also don't like it when the blog's font is too small. Not everyone is blessed with a perfect eyesight

    1. That cringy black background! I forgot about that, it is very annoying. The small fonts however, I have only found those recently, but still, annoyingg. I guess those people took minimalist too serious. It cause me headache okayy.