Ending My Three Years Service With The Government

Oct 30, 2020

As of today, I am officially resigned from government service. 

I'm not sure why my, now previous, unit's leader still puts me in the list of peoples who were taking off days. I still haven't left my work's WhatsApp group. I was thinking to leave it when I officially start my new work. I hope she realizes that my resignation has officially started today. 


I have moved out of my previous rented place yesterday and have now comfortably settled in my new rented place. There is some stuff I needed to buy which has been easily acquired thanks to the fact that I now lived in a more developed place. But sadly, it seems like my bed slats are falling off and now being held with a pair of chopstick, a pencil, and a paintbrush plus it seems like I might have broken the washing machine by simply using it (the other tenant has just used it and it works just fine).

There is some stuff that I bought in which delivery has been delayed due to PKPB. I hope my friend has picked it up and now I'm setting up a plan to meet her tomorrow although we just did an actual farewell yesterday. Since I can't cross states, I can't go back to my hometown, so there are high chances that I will still hang up with them during the weekend #lol.

A colleague of mine asked me how I was feeling leaving all those three years the day before my last day at the hospital and I genuinely don't know. I just say "ask me again tomorrow".

Funnily, my last day is the same as my, now ex, Ketua Pegawai Farmasi so it was a good distraction. 

I had a week worth of holidays which I was supposed to be spending it at my hometown only to be stuck with PKPB but somehow managed to spend every day of it eating out and spending time with my friends so now suddenly. being in a new place, all foreign and alone, just hit so hard. 

It was so different from my old place but in a good way. It is a really good housing area and it is a bit far back and gated so there are only residents cars going about here which makes it more peaceful. My room is smaller but it was more "chic" and I have a tall window that brightens the room so well. I just love the sunlight so much. 

I have visited my new workplace and thank god the signboard is up. I'm going to be a community pharmacist in a newly opened branch here. I'm not sure if they have already stocked up the place because it seems like their HR has been too busy to enlighten me but all is well. 

I'm scared, to be honest. I'm venturing into something so foreign and unsure. There is this big responsibility I need to hold and I'm doing this all alone, far away from my friend and family. But at the same time, all of these excites me. Those three years in the government hospital have served me well but it got so mundane. Now, I feel refreshed with life. Like I can start a new me.

Pray the best for me.


p/s: I'm a contract-based worker. If you don't realize it by now, the pharmacists and the doctors in Malaysia are now being hired on a contract basis. For the pharmacists, it is a three-year contract and that was it. However, due to Covid-19, those who have been hired during 2017 have been given an extension of six months contract. As my three years contract ended, I did a month from those new six-month contract and then I resign from it. Some of my friends didn't take those six-month contracts and simply being let go. Now you know it.

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