Living Late Twenties - I'm Home

Aug 13, 2022

My old mouse was being funny and then it suffer a bad fall so I was like "yay, new mouse shopping". I got it at MrDiy. It was a really nice mouse. Just the right size, comfortable to use and they did like this soft click. It was a random pretty mouse and then I thought that "Hey, maybe MrDiy got good mouses so I can just buy randomly there again for the new one"

I bought it. It didn't have that soft click. The click was rougher and generally annoying af. T________________T

I'm back home Perak! It's been almost two weeks now. I'm working from home at the moment as the outlet here hasn't opened yet. It got postponed due to a stock problem. So now I'm "simply" on my laptop responding to Whatsapp queries and trying my best not to be annoyed when people randomly request questionable medicines.

I finally got to meet my friends back in Sabak yesterday. We had sushi, watch a movie and also went to karaoke. It's good to meet them after months. I need to meet my other friend from the hospital. I'm missing my friend back in Kuantan though. They're just so much fun to be with. Hopefully, we can plan another trip together soon.

I'm having mixed feelings about coming to live back home after almost 5 years of not doing so but mostly, I'm just grateful that I'm now living with my siblings. I'm not living alone and that's kinda refreshing. My friend did ask me if I'm going to live out of the house. It's actually quite interesting that my friend thinks of such too as my sister also was asking if I'm going to buy a house here. 

I do feel like I can consider buying a house but then I'm not entirely sure about living here forever. I was just thinking of going back home to be with my siblings. Probably for one or two years. It's kinda daunting to be thinking as such because my current work does feel like somewhere I could be for at least three years. 

I miss Kuantan. It has a really good vibe for me to live a life there but then it's just too far away. Probably Ipoh would be a better choice. I feel like I can ask for a transfer there when the company has a store opened there. That's kinda a good idea to hang on to right?

I think I'm done with Tinder. All those that I got to know while in Kuantan will be just a memory now. Nobody really addresses how tiring those short-lived connections are. Not to mention that I have always felt sufficient to be with the same crowd that I know I can trust and be comfortable with so opening up like that feels even more draining. It is still kinda scary to feel like I might simply shut off ways for me to get to know new people but then I have my sister currently laughing for whatever reason while crowding on my feet and I can hear my brother playing gleefully with his toys while taking a bath so I guess I'm good for now.

This also means I can continue my journey to watch as many horror movies as I can. We finished Sandman the other day. I thought it was a horror but turns out it was supernatural-ish but it was still so good so we were bummed that there's no news of a second season.

Last but not least I've changed my template! It was loading so slowly before and the old template has been used for quite some time. I didn't actually expect changing to a new template can actually help it loads faster but it did so yay!

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